A Guide to Boating on Lake Allegan

Lake Allegan is a manmade Michigan lake that was built around the same time as the Allegan dam. The lake is the perfect destination for boaters and fishermen who are looking for a quiet and small lake to fish on. The lake is known for producing a variety of fish including bluegill, catfish, bullhead and northern pike. Lake Allegan is not only an excellent place to catch fish, but also it is great for boaters who have larger boats. With a sandbar that is at least 10' deep, larger boats are able to move-about especially with the lake's predictable water levels. Below are a few other boating spots that are ideal for Lake Allegan visitors.

DNR Access Point
Monroe Road

The DNR Access Point is where the Department of Natural Resources enters Lake Allegan. Although public fishermen and boaters are not authorized to use the access point, right around this part of the lake are a variety of excellent fishing and boating opportunities. Many people catch bluegill and catfish in this spot, and beautiful views of the lake are found in this area. Many people like to head out to this point on the lake, turn off their engines and take in the great outdoors. People who bring speed boats to Lake Allegan often engage in a variety of water based sports, including wake boarding and water skiing.

Public Boat Launch
Echo Point on Monroe Road

The public boat launch is where most boaters go to push out into Lake Allegan. The public boat launch is ideal for boaters who have small speed boats or fishing boats. Although the launch is where most people head out from, other novice boaters like to stick close to the boat launch and fish right around the docks. This is ideal for children and boaters of a younger age. In addition to catching fish, you can BBQ right next to the water or have a picnic with friends, family and loved ones. The public boat launch is a little tricky to find, so it is often wise to ask an employee at your Allegan Bed and Breakfast for directions.

Lake Allegan Overlook
Monroe Road

The Lake Allegan overlook is the perfect place to go after a long day of boating on the lake. Another excellent time to visit the overlook is when you want to get a better idea of the terrain. Many boaters and fishermen like to take an overhead view of the lake to see where the best fishing and boating spots are. Although Lake Allegan is manmade, there are still unexpected parts of the lake that are definitely worth looking into. Many boaters staying at a Lake Allegan inn enjoy bird watching. The region boasts a variety of eagles, geese, ducks and kingfishers. Although it is rare to see eagles, the Lake Allegan Overlook is the best place to do so.