Yarmouth Port Things to Do: Yarmouth Port's Secret Fishing Spots

Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts offers a wide range of activities for the active tourist. In the town of Yarmouth Port, things to do for outdoor adventurers include hiking, canoeing, biking and camping, and for those who are interested in fishing, there are numerous places in and around the town that offer great angling opportunities. BB Online recommends these fishing spots in Yarmouth Port.

Hallets Millpond
Mill Lane
Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts 02675

Hallets Millpond is one of the favorite fishing spots for local anglers in Yarmouth Port. Things to do here should include a fishing trip to this pond, because it has a wide variety of fish species in its waters. The pond is so populated with fish that you will have great success fishing there, whether fly fishing, baitcasting or spinning. Some of the fish that you can expect to catch in Hallets Millpond are whitefish, crappie and steelhead trout. You will need a fishing license to fish in most places around Yarmouth Port. The pond is located about 0.6 miles northwest of downtown Yarmouth Port. If you're driving there from your Yarmouth Port Inn, you have to turn left on Cranberry Highway. Take a right when you reach Mill Lane, and you will see the pond on the left side of the road.

Long Pond
Indian Memorial Drive
Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts 02675

Long Pond is approximately 0.7 miles from the downtown area, and it's one of the few inland water bodies in Yarmouth Port that offers good bass fishing. Apart from largemouth bass, you can fish for pumpkinseed and yellow perch. The area around the pond has a small beach, playground and a wooded area for nature walks. The Long Pond is situated very close to the Yarmouth Station and the popular Dennis Pond Conservation Area, so you should have no trouble finding your way there from your Yarmouth Port Bed and Breakfast.

Muddy Pond
Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts 02675

Muddy Pond is another excellent place for outdoor recreation in Yarmouth Port. Things to do in the area include fishing, hiking, camping and swimming, and the pond is located very close to many interesting attractions, such as the Chapin Memorial Beach, Little Greenough Pond, the Yarmouth Campgrounds, Blue Rock Golf Course, Miller Pond and Grays Beach. For anglers, Muddy Pond offers a good variety of fish, which includes the rock bass, channel catfish and pumpkinseed. You can also take advantage of the great fishing opportunities that are available at Bass Creek, which is located just a short distance away.

The Muddy Pond is about 0.5 miles away from the downtown area of Yarmouth Port. It's not accessible by car, but you can take one of the two trails that lead there from Summer Street. As you drive southwards from the Northside Historic District on Summer Street, you will see the first trail on the left side right after you pass the Woodside Cemetery. The other trail is connected to a lane that is located just a little further down the road.