Discover Martha's Vineyard Island near Vineyard Haven

While staying in Vineyard Haven, you will want to explore Martha's Vineyard Island for all of the unique opportunities it has to offer. Martha's Vineyard, which consists of 87 square miles, is the third largest island on the East Coast and is located just south of Cape Cod.

Vineyard Haven
Martha's Vineyard Island, MA 02568

Vineyard Haven is the main point of entry for Martha's Vineyard Island, because ferries arrive and depart from The Steamship Authority wharf year round. Most of the other wharfs on Martha's Island provide seasonal transportation. While visiting Vineyard Haven you will want to check out Martha's Vineyard Shipyard because you can learn about the past 150 years of the island's history. You should also check out the residential area of West Chop, which includes the West Chop Woods and lighthouse. Staying at a Vineyard Haven Bed and Breakfast will give you an advantage when exploring the island.

Oak Bluffs
Martha's Vineyard Island, MA 02557

While vacationing on Martha's Vineyard Island you will want to head over to the Oak Bluffs. Some of the most notable attractions in the Oak Bluff area include the Flying Horses Carousel, Wesleyan Grove, East Chop and the Oaks Bluff harbor. The Flying Horses Carousel is probably the most popular attraction for families, but as it is the oldest working carousel in the United States, even adults enjoy catching a glimpse of it. Adults and children alike enjoy riding the carousel due to the brass ring game that is played while riding; the winner of the game gets to stay on for a free ride. Wesleyan Grove is geared more toward adults because you can view more than 350 gingerbread style cottages, which form a circle around the Methodist Tabernacle.

Martha's Vineyard Island, MA 02539

This section of Martha's Vineyard Island used to be an old whaling town, but it is now known as a beach town. Many people flock to Edgartown in the summer months to enjoy everything that the beaches have to offer, but also because of the sailing. Edgartown was used when filming the movie "Jaws," so many people come check it out for that reason alone. While in Edgartown, be sure to check out the Harbor, which includes the lighthouse and all of the old whaling captains' homes that have been nicely preserved. You can also find some historical churches, including the Whaling Church. You might want to stay at a Vineyard Haven Inn while exploring Edgartown.

Martha's Vineyard Island, MA 02535

If you want to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets, you will need to head to Menemsha Harbor in Chilmark on Martha's Vineyard Island. Menemsha Pond, which is located close to the harbor, is a great spot for sailing or kayaking if you enjoy these water sports. Chilmark has six beaches, but you want to be careful which one you choose to visit because some of them are for property owners only. The ones that are open to the public require you to have a beach pass. Chilmark is one of the only towns on the island that doesn't have direct access to the mainland by either ferry or air.