Nantucket Things to Do: Take a Tour of Famous Lighthouses

It's hard not to see the magical beauty that lighthouses hold. Set against awe-inspiring backdrops of blue oceans with crashing waves hit against jagged rocks and pillow shaped clouds hung in golden skies, lighthouses bring tranquil moments of pleasure to anyone willing to take a minute to view them. Nantucket has three lighthouses that offer this exact warmth and bliss feeling. Located on the east coast, Nantucket holds the most beautiful lighthouses and makes for the perfect day adventure for Nantucket Things to Do.

Brant Point Light
Nantucket, MA 02554

As the center of many paintings and photographs, Brant Point Light is one of the most well known lighthouses in the states. Built in 1746, the lighthouse welcomes visitors entering the city by ferry, and for those who leave, toss in a lucky penny for a safe return home. The lighthouse has seen well over a dozen lifetimes of sunrises. It's beacon of light guides boats through the narrow access of the city's land locked harbor. Since the construction of the structure, Brant Point Light has been rebuilt nine times. The first being in 1758 when the lighthouse was burnt down by fire. It is a must-see lighthouse while staying in a Nantucket Bed and Breakfast.  Take a ferry for the best view.

Great Point Light
Nantucket, MA 02554

Great Point Light was the second lighthouse to be constructed off the shores of Nantucket. Like it's sister, the lighthouse was first destroyed by fire, and later smashed by dangerous storms. In 1986 a replica of the original lighthouse was rebuilt, but placed further inland where it was provided more shelter from the harsh rages of Mother Nature. In addition, the lighthouse has gone "green." A solar panel was added on the north side of the structure to keep the beacon of light shining so brightly you will see it from your Nantucket Inn. It is difficult to reach Great Point Light when on your search for Nantucket Things to Do. Visitor's have three choices if they want to see this beauty up close. The first is to hike seven miles along the shoreline. The second option is to purchase a permit from the Coatue Wildlife Reserve that allows for your vehicle to be driven on the same seven miles of coastline. The third is to take a guided tour by local companies that include an up close visit and lunch. Whether from the distance or up close, Great Point Light's stunning beauty will not be missed.

Sankaty Head
Nantucket, MA 02554

Sankaty Head is of great importance for Nantucket. Sitting atop a 100 foot cliff, the lighthouse protects sea vessels from the hazardous entrance of Davis South Shoals. Because of erosion of the cliff, the lighthouse needed to be moved over 400 feet northwest of the original site. As you've guessed it, Sankaty Head is far too dangerous to view up close. However, the red and white strap distinctively marks the lighthouse for an easy glimpse from even the furthest distance. On the other hand, visitors are welcome to take a hike around the cliff to get a nearer look. Yet another activity for Nantucket Things to Do.