5 Seafood Middleboro Restaurants

The numerous ponds make it clear why most Middleboro Restaurants specialize in seafood. Being in Middleboro is a great chance to try some freshly caught fish and well-prepared seafood. There isn't a seafood delicacy that can't be found here.

Near Dock
134 N. Main St.
Middleboro, Massachusetts 02346
(508) 923-6327

Enjoy a great meal at this restaurant while staying at your Middleboro Inn. Near Dock is a small, family-run restaurant, located right in the center of Middleboro. The restaurant offers some delicious seafood, prepared by a talented chef. The fish is selected and delivered by trusted local suppliers, and you will see for yourself how fresh it is. The Near Dock is an excellent choice for budget travelers, as it is a self-service restaurant, so you'll have to pay at the counter and you will always get exact change, thus saving money for tipping.

Harry's Bar and Grill
407 W Grove
Middleboro, Massachusetts 02346
(508) 947-9297

Harry's Bar and Grill is another one of the better Middleboro restaurants. It is owned by the Fisher family (a family with long restaurant history in the area). The restaurant impresses with its cleanliness and high quality service. Although most dishes on the menu consist of grilled pork, Harry's Bar and Grill prepares some of the tastiest fish sandwiches and clam rolls. You have probably never experienced a delicious seafood taste like this.

A-Frame Bar and Grill
2 Bedford
Lakeville, Massachusetts 02347
(508) 947-9451

This is another great restaurant, located not too far away from Middleboro. Don't let the Bar and Grill label fool you. A-Frame serves the best clam chowder in the entire region, if not in the whole state. Other great dishes on the menu are the wonderful shrimp salad, the Fisherman's Platter (a huge plate of fried fish, whole clams, shrimps and scallops) and the New England fried fish. All of them are garnished with a generous amount of French fries. A-Frame is undoubtedly one of the best Middleboro restaurants around, so don't miss the chance to visit it while you are staying at your Middleboro Bed and Breakfast.

Lobster Barn
996 Hancock Street
Abington, Massachusetts 02351
(781) 871-2433

The Lobster Barn is located a bit further from Middleboro, but is a restaurant that's definitely worth the day trip. The sophisticated atmosphere isn't the only reason to eat at the Lobster Barn - the real reason is the menu. Along with all the seafood specialties, you should definitely try the unique crab and fish cakes.

J & J's Seafood Drive In
197 County
Lakeville, Massachusetts 02347
(508) 763-5977

Another great restaurant that's worth your attention is J & J's Seafood Drive In. Just like the Lobster Barn, it's located outside Middleboro, near Long Pond. The restaurant is popular with its excellent service, fresh food and always satisfied customers. J & J's Seafood Drive In offers some amazing clam balls and clam specialties that you should certainly try. You can also have some well-prepared fish and chips.