5 Attractions to Visit when You Visit Holland, MA

If you want to visit Holland, Massachusetts you should take the time to explore the different attractions that this quaint little town has to offer. Holland is best known for the great outdoors, but it also has historic and cultural sites that you can experience on your vacation. Whether your preferences lean toward shopping, water sports, fishing or history, Holland has attractions to cover these.

Hamilton Reservoir
Holland, MA 01521

This is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, and it plays host to many different activities that you can enjoy when you visit Holland. You can take boating trips with your family and take in the breathtaking scenery while paddling through the calms waters of the lake. A very gratifying experience is fishing for trout, which is a wonderful experience for parent and child while having a picnic by the shore. At the Hamilton Reservoir you'll be able to witness the water ski show, which showcases professional water skiers performing tricks and demonstrations of the sport.

Lake Siog or Holland Pond
Dug Hill Road
23 Sturbridge Road
Holland, MA 01521

If you're looking for a relaxing vacation in Holland, consider spending time at Lake Siog, more popularly known as "Holland Pond." You can rent a canoe and slowly cruise through the water while touring the shoreline, or set up a nice picnic spot while reading a book and enjoying the sounds of nature. This lake is very accessible from your Holland Bed and Breakfast when you visit Holland.

Lead Mines
Leadmine Road
Holland, MA 01521

This is a historic and cultural landmark which showcases the lead mining industry that was prominent for a time in Holland. The interesting part of touring this mine site is that to gain access to it, you have to pass through a network of tunnels to reach the main area. A trip to the Lead Mines is both an adventure and a learning experience.

Holland Market
130 Mashapaug Road
Holland, MA 01521-2516

The Holland Market is a wonderful place to explore while enjoying your holiday in this small town. The Holland Market has a wide variety of items for shoppers to choose from. After a long day you can head back to your Holland Inn for a well deserved rest.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp Reserve
Worchester County
Sturbridge, MA 01556
(508) 347-3570

This attraction is a treat for families when they visit Holland. There are water slides and pools for you to enjoy as well as a tractor ride and petting zoo, in which you will see the different animals that are cared for in this reserve. You also have the chance to have a picture taken with Yogi Bear and Booboo.