Eastham Restaurants: Best Clam Chowder

Eastham is a small town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. It's located on the lower Cape and is bounded by water on two sides and land on two sides. Eastham Restaurants are popular for their fantastic clam chowder. a good idea would be to visit the several restaurants while staying your Eastham Inn. BBonline recommends eating at some of the best clam chowder restaurants in this town.

Arnold's Restaurant
3580, State Highway,
Eastham, MA 02642
(508) 255-2575

Arnold's Restaurant is one of the premier clam chowder restaurants in Eastham. It's been serving satisfied customers for more than 30 years, and is one of the places where you can get the freshest clam chowder in town. The service at the restaurant is excellent and the prices are very reasonable, considering the excellent quality of food served. Arnold's Restaurant is located near your cozy Eastham Bed and Breakfast.

Lobster Shanty
2905 Route 6
Eastham, MA 02642
(508) 255-9394

Lobster Shanty is another one of the Eastham Restaurants popular for its clam chowder. The restaurant serves delicious clam chowder including a host of other fresh seafood. There is a fully stocked bar available at the restaurant. Lobster Shanty is a great place to enjoy a family meal while staying at your spacious Eastham Inn. It also includes a special children's menu. The restaurant has won several awards, making it a popular place to dine out.

Woody's Eastham Lobster Pool
4380 State Highway
Eastham, MA 02642
(508) 255-2033

Woody's Eastham Lobster Pool is a popular clam chowder restaurant in town. The restaurant is a clean place that is perfect for families with children, and it includes a kid's menu. The clam chowder is well prepared and tasty, just how it's supposed to be. The restaurant is open both for lunch and dinner, making it a great place to eat after a sightseeing trip around the town. The restaurant includes waiter service, outdoor seating and take-out.

Friendly Fisherman's
4580 State Highway Route 6
North Eastham, MA 02651
(508) 255-6770

Friendly Fisherman's is a nice place to enjoy a perfectly cooked clam chowder dish with your family. There is no need to make reservations in advance at this restaurant. If you are looking for a small, quiet, homey place to enjoy a meal, step into the Friendly Fisherman's restaurant, you will find the place exactly like that - friendly and homey. The restaurant does not include a bar, but the excellent cooking draws many to this place.

Sea Dog Restaurant & Saloon
4100 State Highway
Eastham, MA 02642
(508) 255-2650

This is one of the new Eastham restaurants that's become very popular. It offers a good selection of seafood, including other popular American cuisine. There is a full bar available. The restaurant is normally crowded and is open from 11:30am to 10pm.