Discover Berlin Shopping near your Snowhill B & B

Staying in Snowhill gives you an excellent opportunity to go to Berlin for shopping. Berlin is located less than 15 miles northwest of Snowhill and is the most popular shopping destination in the area. Here are some of the shops that are worth visiting.

Baked Dessert Cafe
120 North Main Street
Berlin, Maryland 21811
(410) 641-1800

This wonderful little dessert shop and bakery is a must-visit for all gourmet connoisseurs who went to Berlin for shopping. Here, you will find some of the finest handcrafted desserts, prepared in a very natural way, without preservatives, trans-fats or artificial colors and flavors. Most of the ingredients used are local produce and you will definitely notice that by the unique taste of the cakes and breads. Some of the Baked Dessert Cafe's specialties are the Berlin Peach Dumpling and the delicious German Chocolate Cake.

Victorian Charm
100 North Main Street
Berlin, Maryland 21811-1002
(410) 641-2998

Victorian Charm is a delightful shop, specializing in the sale of clothing, jewelry and gifts. Only a short trip away from your Snowhill Bed and Breakfast, you will be able to discover a huge selection of brand name items visiting this place. The shop is family operated and the owners are very caring, attentive and friendly to the customers. You will immediately receive help from them, if you're having a hard time deciding what to buy.

Berlin Florist
3 Pitt St
Berlin, Maryland 21811
(410) 641-1910

Another wonderful family owned and operated shop, Berlin Florist specializes in offering one-of-a-kind floral gifts and arrangements. Entering the shop, you will be welcomed by highly-qualified professionals, who are attentive and friendly to the customers. You should ask them for the long-lasting flower baskets, which are an ideal souvenir that you can bring home to remind you for your Snowhill Inn and the wonderful holiday you've had there. The service is very prompt, so you'll have plenty of time left to browse around the other Berlin shops.

Culver's Antiques & Framing
106 North Main Street
Berlin, Maryland 21811-1002
(410) 629-0550

If you're looking for a truly unique Berlin shopping experience, you should definitely visit this shop. Inside Culver's Antiques & Framing you will find a huge selection of Victorian-era lamps and furniture, rare collectibles and antique accessories. The family that owns the place also works in the shop. They are very knowledgeable and are always willing to share some interesting facts and details about the various items for sale. Whether you are going to buy or just browse, you will be intrigued to visit this shop. Other services offered here are professional photo restorations and custom framing.

Dennison's Trackside Hobbies
14 South Main Street
Berlin, Maryland 21811-1427
(410) 641-2438?Z

Dennison's Trackside Hobbies is a really nice family business specializing in selling model kits of cars, trains and boats. You will find one of the largest selection of model trains and detail parts (like people and scenery) inside this shop. The vast majority of the items here are literally impossible to find in a big city department store, so you should definitely consider visiting this little shop, especially if you are interested in hobby kits.