A Guide to the Restaurants in Princess Anne, MD

The historic town of Princess Anne, Maryland, invites you to its rich dining options. As you stroll through the many lovely mansions, you're bound to work up an appetite. These top fine restaurants will leave you pleasantly surprised.

The Flying Crane Cafe
11747 Somerset Ave
Princess Anne, MD 21853
(410) 651-3131

Princess Anne pizza lovers come to The Flying Crane Cafe, because it's known for outstanding pizza. With the cheap prices and great choices, have fun and create your own. The soup and sandwiches, Greek pasta salad and outstanding desserts are sure to please. If you enjoy hot herbal teas, you may want to try a personal favorite of the locals, the "Dragon Eye Oolong Tea." Try the Earl Grey Lavender, White Pear Tea and Honeybush Caramel varieties.

Beach to Bay Seafood Co.
12138 Carole Ln
Princess Anne, MD 21853
(410) 651-5400

Beach to Bay Seafood Company offers excellent fresh seafood with friendly service. This restaurant is known for its fabulous clam chowder and shrimp salad. If you're searching for a pleasant atmosphere and clean dining, you're sure to love this place. Have a seafood lover among your group? Treat them to a casual seafood dinner from your nearby Princess Anne Bed and Breakfast. You have the option to do takeout or sit in.

Peaky's Restaurant
30361 Mount Vernon Road
Princess Anne, MD 21853
(410) 651-1950

If you're looking for delicious food at a great price close to your Princess Anne Inn, search no further than at Peaky's Restaurant. This fabulous American restaurant is known for its mouthwatering fried chicken and tender prime rib. You will feel so relaxed that you may never want to leave, but be sure to try the homemade Maryland crab cakes. Peaky's offers casual dining with convenient hours every single day, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m..

Get'n Grounded
12302 Somerset Ave
Princess Anne, MD 21853
(443) 783-7070

For a quick and decadent lunch, check out Get'n Grounded. A local favorite is the chicken salad wrap with veggie chips, but be adventurous and try the wrap of the day. At breakfast, you're sure to enjoy the fresh bagels and sandwiches. Try the homemade scones and delicious brownies. Many love the New York Style huge croissants and fresh baked blueberry muffins. Sometimes you will be able to browse paintings at its art gallery shows, or be entertained with live music.

Grill Billy's
12421 Somerset Avenue
Princess Anne, MD 21853
(410) 621-0777

Take some time out of your busy Princess Anne day to try Grill Billy's fabulous food. The large menu features everything from tasty fresh wings and shrimp, to its "South of the Border" beef or chicken tacos. Try the pulled pork sandwich and smoked pork riblets.

China Chef
12087 Somerset Avenue
Princess Anne, MD 21853-1314
(410) 651-5768 ‎

When you're hungry, China Chef offers magnificent authentic dishes like sesame shrimp, won-ton and egg rolls that are sure to satisfy your hunger. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere is inviting. This restaurant simply knows how to cook delicious Chinese food.