Wallet Friendly Sharpsburg Restaurants near Keedysville

Sharpsburg restaurants offer the most affordable locations in the nearby Keedysville area. These wallet friendly restaurants provide different flavors and atmosphere for welcoming guests from out of town. The locals know many of the restaurants as favorites because of their fresh ingredients and entertainment on different nights of the week. Visitors can enjoy the timeless traditions and new flavors that the restaurants in Sharpsburg offer.

Antietam Café
111 East Main St.
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
(301) 432-0711

Antietam Café is another name for Captain Bender's Tavern. It offers a menu filled with seafood and specialty drinks. There's entertainment during the week with karaoke and live music. Visitors can try one of the many panini sandwich offerings, including the Antietam Reuben with corned beef and a mixture of other ingredients. Visitors staying at a local Keedysville Bed and Breakfast can enjoy crab night every Wednesday at the tavern with plenty of steamed crab, corn and hush puppies served.

Battleview Market
5331 Sharpsburg Pike
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
(301) 432-2676

The Battleview Market presents home cooked food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The location also accepts takeout orders during its seven day a week operation. Visitors staying in a nearby Keedysville Inn can enjoy a homemade soup made daily with fresh ingredients. The burgers consistently rate as the best in the local area. The deli serves fresh sandwiches for a quick meal during lunch. The store also sells souvenirs for tourists that wish to remember their visit.

Junction 808
5916 Potomac Dr.
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
(301) 791-3639

Junction 808 is a great place to get breakfast in the morning, with a friendly and attentive staff. Your coffee cup stays full when visiting many Sharpsburg restaurants. The location serves lunch and dinner with meals consisting of American food. Sandwiches and burgers make up affordable meals on the menu.

Gege's Place
208 South Church St.
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
(301) 432-0850

Gege's is one of the Sharpsburg restaurants serving pizza. The beer on tap includes German brands at an affordable price. Gege's presents other classic Italian food and service with a smile. The excellent service lends to creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. Along with the affordable prices, visitors receive sizable portions.

Nutter's Ice Cream
100 East Main St.
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
(301) 432-5809

Nutter's Ice Cream rates consistently as one of the top places to stop for Sharpsburg restaurants. BBOnline recommends that visitors take a break and enjoy the best ice cream around. With many flavors, Nutter's offers a year-round place for cherry-vanilla and raspberry with chocolate. The unique flavor combinations keep customers coming back for more.