Enjoy St. Louis Botanical Gardens near Annapolis

Explore the St. Louis Botanical Gardens while viewing more than 79 acres of well-sculpted gardens in full bloom each year. The rare collections featured throughout the gardens offer the native plants and flowers of St. Louis and exotics from around the world. The gardens include a 14-acre Japanese Garden that offers a stroll along the water, viewing the cherry blossoms and natural beauty of Japanese native flowering trees and shrubbery.

Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 577-5100

Japanese Garden

Visitors can tour along the four acres of lake in the Japanese garden, while viewing the scenic waterfalls and streams of this garden. The garden itself features dry gravel areas that form rippling patterns. The four islands within the lake form Japanese images of symbolism that invite tourists and visitors to channel peace and harmony. Tourists staying at a nearby Annapolis Bed and Breakfast enjoy the nature in the Japanese Garden. The garden lights up at night by candlelight, providing a peaceful place for visitors to enjoy.

Linnean House

The Linnean House, built in 1882, features a greenhouse that offers visitors the many camellia blossoms that bloom from December through April. The fragrance around the house fills visitors' senses while touring by the jasmine vines, sweetly scented during the months of March through April. Visitors staying at a nearby Annapolis Inn can visit the Linnean House while touring through the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.

Victorian District

The Victorian District in the St. Louis Botanical Gardens offers reflecting pools, white marble statues and colorful flowers in this location of the gardens. The sculpted gardens of the Victorian District also feature the Kaeser Memorial Maze. Visitors can tour through the labyrinth with the hedges made of yew, finding the gazebo located in the center. There are several other locations within the Victorian District that include an herb garden and observatory.

Ottoman Garden

Turkish bulbs and tulips permeate the Ottoman Garden around the courtyard featuring the fountains. The buildings in the area offer a reproduction of the architecture of the East, complete with red tiled roofs. The garden also features Ottoman murals along the walls, making it one of the most romantic locations within the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. Visitors staying in the nearby Annapolis area can stroll through the expansive gardens and enjoy the scenery provided by renowned landscapers.


The Climatron provides visitors with a bird's-eye view of the tropical rainforest while seeing a variety of animals and birds. The conservatory features several thousand plants, including orchids and banana varieties. The well-lit structure has several waterfalls and pools that contribute to the experience of stepping into a rainforest. People of all ages enjoy seeing the tropical birds that live within the solar energized dome, known as one of the most significant achievements in architecture.