Southwest Harbor Things to Do: Scenic Beachside Picnic Spots

Southwest Harbor things to do usually take advantage of the region's beautiful outdoor environment. Many people visit this small town in Hancock County, Maine to eat fresh lobster and wonderful seafood. Others come here to explore the exclusive outdoor spots and unique shops. Below are 3 beachside areas that are perfect for having a picnic. 

Wonderland and Ship Harbor
Acadia National Park
Route 233 Mc Farland Hill
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
(207) 288-3338

The Wonderland and Ship Harbor is the perfect place to grab a picnic with friends and loved ones. Both Wonderland and Ship Harbor are two unique trails that offer amazing hiking opportunities and unique views. In terms of beachfront access, the Wonderland trail takes you directly to a secluded beach that has everything from tide pools to pebble beaches. Although this trail is now an abandoned railway, it still leads to this amazing picnic spot. Ship Harbor has its own special picnic spots and outdoor activities. It is often a bit tricky to get to the Wonderland and Ship Harbor. As a result, you should ask for directions at your Southwest Harbor Bed and Breakfast. Southwest Harbor things to do have never been more exciting!

Seawall Picnic Area
Route 102A
Southwest Harbor, Maine

The Seawall Picnic Area is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a traditional picnic place. In addition to picnics, you can come to the Seawall to go camping and spend the evening. If you're not staying a Southwest Harbor Inn, this might be a cheap and exciting nighttime option for you. The campground is about 10 minutes from the beach. The picnic area comes complete with tables, and it offers wonderful views of both the water and Great Cranberry Island. The picnic area is found in Arcadia National Park and sits on top of the unique seawall rock. Although this particular beach is not ideal for swimming and surfing, it is perfect for getting a good view of the ocean and interesting wildlife. Because Southwest Harbor is so small, you will be at the beach before you know it!

Beech Mountain
Southwest Harbor, Maine

Beech Mountain is a 900 foot mountain, located in Acadia National Park. Although many people come to Beech Mountain to go hiking, others visit to have a nice picnic with friends and family. Although the best views are at the top, many people will have picnics at the base of the mountain. Beech Mountain is not far from the beach, and you can head down there after a long day of hiking. This is one of the many Southwest Harbor things to do that people should bring sunblock and proper outdoor gear for. Although most people don't like to hike into the evening at Beech Mountain, the trails are all well marked.