Portland Restaurants: A-List Lobster Specialty Restaurants

Portland is well known for its quality food. With its location right on the Eastern seaboard, one of the many attractions of Portland restaurants are the lobster, be they served in a fine dining establishment or to go in the traditional lobster roll (a mayonnaise and lobster sandwich, often served with fries and coleslaw). It has received accolades from Bon Appetit magazine and the Food Network, as well as being featured in the New York Times as an up and coming food destination. Most of Portland's restaurants are centered around the downtown and Old Port districts, with many located right on the waterfront. Here is a BBonline guide to eating lobster in Portland.

Portland Lobster Company
180 Commercial St
Portland, ME
(207) 775-2112

This family style restaurant in the heart of downtown Portland has been specializing in lobster for years. Kid and dog friendly, the Portland Lobster Company features live music and a great happy hour. Located right on the waterfront, it's easy to imagine the fresh food's short trip to your plate. A place to bring the family, or to leave the kids behind so you can stay out late, head to Portland Lobster Company from your Portland inn to enjoy the bounty of the East coast.

Di Millo's Floating Restaurant
25 Long Wharf
Portland, ME
(207) 772-2216

Another restaurant located right on the waterfront, Di Millo's is in Old Port. First opened as "Anthony's" in 1954 by Tony DiMillo, Di Millo's moved to its present location in 1982. In addition to a wide variety of lobster, Di Millo's also offers steaks and Italian food. Di Millo's is open for lunch and dinner, and if you go during dinner hours, call ahead to check on the wait and put yourself on the list before you leave your Portland bed and breakfast.

J's Oyster
5 Portland Pier
Portland, ME
(207) 772-4828

Not as well known as some of the other restaurants in this BBonline review, J's Oyster is a local favorite. This is another restaurant located right by the water in the historic Old Port district. The lobster roll is the highlight of J's Oyster selections, served fresh at a very reasonable price. If a roll isn't your thing, you can also get lobster steamed with corn on the cob, in a variety of pasta dishes or as an appetizer.

David's Creative Cuisine
164 Middle Street
Portland, ME
(207) 773-4340

Following a thriving Portland tradition, David's Creative Cuisine is owned by its head chef, ensuring that food remains the restaurant's highest priority. David's Creative Cuisine offers two sections of entrees on its menu, one section being devoted to creatively prepared items such as pepper crusted sushi rare tuna, and the other focusing on simply prepared food, an example being grilled local salmon. Lobster plays an important part in the menu at David's, and the Maine Classic, or steamed local lobster served with corn on the cob and mashed potatoes, is a staple of the menu. You can also get fresh Maine lobster as an appetizer or in pasta. David's Creative Cuisine is open for dinner only.