Ogunquit Things to Do: Gay-Friendly Theaters

Once you have settled into your Ogunquit Bed and Breakfast, you will find there are many exciting activities in Ogunquit. Things to do include taking in the sun at the beach or shopping in the downtown area. However, for the art lover, we have listed a few theaters in the area that put on great shows for all, namely the gay community.

Ogunquit Playhouse
10 Main St
Ogunquit, Maine
(207) 646-5511‎

You can expect the best from this theatre. The productions are clean, sharp and rival Broadway productions. Located in southern Maine, near the beach, they have been putting on shows for over five decades. The talented men and women are some of the best in the region, who strive to put on a show that will have the audience talking. The cast of every production gives high energy into there performance. You are able to purchase tickets online for specific shows or for the whole season. You are also able to subscribe to a certain set of shows that you can view throughout the week. They also offer group tours of the theatre were you can seat through dress rehearsals on a floor max of 688 seats, also wheel chair accessible. One of the best Ogunquit things To Do away from your Ogunquit Inn could be enjoying one of there many great shows.

Booth Theatre Co
13 Beach Street
Ogunquit, Maine
(207) 646-8142‎

Located a block from the beach, this theatre provides entertain from local talent and also has workshops and does special performances for groups. You will find the tickets for the shows are very affordable, having different prices for the various groups that visit. They strongly believe in getting feedback from the audience, who they strive to make a memorable experience each time they visit. With such a humble manner, you will enjoy the time away from your Ogunquit Bed and Breakfast.

Ogunquit Performing Arts
142 Main Street
Ogunquit, Maine
(207) 646-6170‎

With so many Ogunquit things To Do, enjoying a good show is surely one of them. Located near the Blacksmith Mall Shopping Center and only a few blocks from the local beach, this community theatre offers more than just the normal theatrical shows. They are a non-profit theatre that puts on a variation of shows including, but not limited to classical music, ballet recitals and jazz festivals. The have talent from all over the region, highlighting the best musicians, dancers and entertainers.

There are numerous things to do in Ogunquit but for the lover of theater, drama, and the performing arts, the list above is all for you. Each theatre listed above has continuous shows throughout the year, having something new each month you might reschedule your departure. The men and women of the shows strive to make there theatre one of the best in the country. Every theatre listed is wheel chair accessible and tickets can be purchased at a moments noticed at the counters, yet groups should call in advance to secure enough seats for everyone.