All About the Restaurants in Millinocket, ME

Millinocket is a city with plenty of outdoor activities. This city is surrounded by water and almost 14 percent of its area is water. Hiking and whitewater rafting are available on your visit to Millinocket. Whether you're fishing or snowmobiling, the beauty of the North Woods, the pride of Maine, will not let you down. On your stay in a Millinocket Inn, be sure to enjoy the good food as well. Here are some of BBOnline's favorite local suggestions.

Appalachian Trail Cafe
210 Penobscot Avenue
Millinocket, ME 04462 
(207) 723-6720

If you're looking to satisfy your hunger with large portions after a long day of activities, the Appalachian Trail Cafe is your best bet. With very reasonable prices, the Appalachian Trail Cafe is in the heart of town and only a short drive from your Millinocket Bed and Breakfast. It serves breakfast all day, and you will enjoy eating here before or after your planned activities. The menu has a great variety from home fries topped with eggs, soups and sandwiches, nachos and onion rings, and other American fare. For a bigger meal, try the steak and eggs, or a home made donut the size of your plate.

Scootic Inn Restaurant 
70 Penobscot Avenue 
Millinocket, ME 04462-1319 
(207) 723-4566 ‎

This is a friendly local recommendation on your visit to Millinocket. The staff is always quick and friendly and the soups are all house made. A great choice for lunch or dinner, the Scootic Inn Restaurant will offer you seafood, steak, pasta, soups, salads or pizza. If you want soup, we recommend the clam chowder or the chicken tomato. The salads are big and can be ordered as a meal, or if you like meats try the prime rib. With moderate prices and a casual atmosphere, this is the place to relax after a busy day.

Pelletier Loggers Family Restaurant Bar and Grill 
57 Penobscot Avenue
Millinocket, ME 04462-1320 
(207) 723-6100 ‎

Opened by the family of the TV reality show American Loggers, the Pelletier Loggers Family Restaurant is a busy stop in your visit to Millinocket. The menu includes appetizers, soups and salads, steak, seafood, chicken, sandwiches and burgers. A little bit different from everything else in town, due to the popularity of the TV show, this restaurant's busy atmosphere will keep you active during your meal. Start with the overloaded burger, an 8-ounce ground sirloin for $8.99 (2011 price). The burger and sandwich selections are all very good decent. If you want the "logger" experience, go for the Big Foot, a giant 24-ounce porterhouse steak. The appetizers are big, but the place is smaller than you would expect. If you're going with a large party, be sure to call ahead.