Damariscotta Lake and More Natural Beauty close to Hallowell

When visiting Hallowell, be sure to check out Damariscotta Lake. Renowned for its imposing landscapes and wildlife, Damariscotta Lake offers pristine and unadulterated scenery at its best. To complete your trip to Hallowell, don't forget to visit some of the other popular destinations here as well.

Damariscotta Lake
8 State Park Road
Jefferson, ME 04348
(207) 549-3836

Damariscotta Lake is a 7.2-mile watershed system that is a recipient of all programs conducted by the Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association (DLWA). The organization's main objective is to maintain good water quality in the lake. The Annual Damariscotta Lake Hooked on Fishing is one of the most popular events in this place. In cooperation with The Central Lincoln Country YMCA, Damariscotta Lake offers weekly sailing camps to students who want to know the basics of sailing. With its impeccable views of wildlife during summer, a trip to Damariscotta Lake will give you the reason to spend some time away from your Hallowell inn.

Viles Arboretum
153 Hospital Road
Augusta, ME 04330
(207) 626-7989

If you love fresh air and enjoy being around trees, the Viles Arboretum is perfect for you. Take a day trip from your Hallowell Bed and Breakfast and visit this 224-acre piece of farmland ran by the Augusta Mental Health Institute. With more than 1,800 patients owning an acre of land, the expanse goes east and west from Hospital Street. The eastern farmland is used for raising crops, hay and pasture, while the opposite side is allocated for major farm buildings. Presently, Viles Arboretum is a venue for outdoor education, including classes focusing on wildlife, plants, animals and geo-caching.

Capitol Park
Capitol Street
Augusta, ME 04330

Listed in 1999 on the National Register of Historic Places, Capitol Park is a triangular plot of land that now serves as a public park spanning Shelby, Griswold and State streets. Aside from the park, the area is home to 17 buildings built between 1900s and 1930s. From Damariscotta Lake, a visit to Capitol Park will surely complete your trip around Hallowell.

Kennebec River
Augusta ME 04430

If you enjoy fishing, you will have a great time on the Kennebec River. Not too far from Damariscotta Lake, this river is a home to different fish species, including the Atlantic salmon, brown trout, landlocked salmon, pickerel, smallmouth bass and white perch. You can fish on the river from a boat or canoe, or you can bring your fishing gadgets along the shore and fish from the boat ramps.

Bond Brook Recreation Area
Augusta, ME 04430

One activity that you can enjoy near Hallowell is taking the trails on the hills of Augusta. Bond Brook Recreation Area is a newly acquired park that is being developed as a complete trail land to enjoy activities like hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking and Nordic Skiing, among others. Another blooming activity in this parkland is geo-caching. The site is furnished with world-class facilities for various activities, in addition to good roads, benches and information kiosks.