Explore the Wildlife and Fishing on Moosehead Lake while in Greenville

If you are planning to go fishing, Moosehead Lake is a great place to consider. It's a good place for beginners as well as professionals. Apart from fishing, you can also enjoy exploring the wildlife in Greenville. Here are BBOnline's top recommendations for fishing at Moosehead Lake.

Moosehead Lake

One of the best things you can do when you visit Moosehead Lake is go fishing. Moosehead Lake offers visitors a chance to enjoy a fine day of exploring and fishing. There are several top fishing spots when you can catch some trout or salmon. The public fishing sites are located at Greenville junction, Rockwood and also in Seboomok. Smallmouth bass, brook trout and cusk are other varieties of fish found in this lake. Contact any of the outfitters from your Greenville Inn for guided fishing trips or equipment rentals.

Mountain View Pond
Moosehead Lake, ME

You fishing Moosehead Lake experience will take a whole new turn at Mountain View Pond. There are several ponds in this region that are visited by fishermen. The Mountain View Pond is a popular fishing site. As the name suggests, you can drive away the occasional boredom associated with fishing by gazing at the scenic vistas of the mountains. The view is truly breathtaking and offers the visitors a calm and serene environment to go fishing. The main inhabitants of this pond are brook trout. You are sure to return to your Greenville Bed and Breakfast with a couple of fish in the basket.

Prong Pond
Moosehead Lake, ME

Prong Pond is an ideal place for the entire family to enjoy a day of fishing. The launch in this area is shallow and you will find several submerged rocks here. The access area to this pond is through private land and a parking lot. The best way to fish here is to rent out canoes or kayaks. The pond has coves and small islands. White and yellow perch, smallmouth bass and brook trout are found in this pond.

Sawyer Pond
Moosehead Lake, ME

Sawyer Pond may lack the luster of Moosehead Lake, but it is an apt place for beginners. Visitors who don't want to rent canoes can walk down the marked trail and settle themselves on the dock. The spot is good for casting and you're sure to find a catch. The mayfly hatches during midsummer and is sure to delight the fly fishermen. This pond is relatively small and it is easy to locate a sheltered shore.


If you have had enough of fishing, Moosehead Lake is also a place where you can explore and see the wildlife. Travel to the northern part of Greenville to come face to face with the wildlife in this region. If you travel down the Lilly Bay Road for 20 miles or so you will reach the Kokadjo region. This is the region famous for moose sightings. The best time to view these natives of Greenville would be early in the morning or after dusk. Look out for the antlers and you're sure to spot them. You will also find several other animals here.