Freeport Things to Do: Take a Tour of Lighthouses

When in Freeport, things to do will undoubtedly include visiting some of the coast's lighthouses. Located within easy driving distance from Freeport, these lighthouses dispersed up and down the coastline are some of the iconic images that Maine is known for, and a perfect complement to your stay in a Freeport bed and breakfast. Here are some of the most accessible and beautiful lighthouses to visit while staying in Freeport:

Cape Neddich (The Nubble)

Located on a small island named the Nubble, Cape Neddick Lighthouse sits just 200 yards off the shoreline near York Beach. This picturesque lighthouse can only be reached via cable car and just recently was converted from manual to electric operation. From the mainland here, there is a beautiful view of the lighthouse and its keeper's house, making this local gem one of the most frequently visited and photographed lighthouses in the state. 

Portland Breakwater Lighthouse

Situated 1/2 mile out into the Portland Harbor, this mid-1800s lighthouse is a standout in the city and a must-see on any Freeport Things to Do list. At the end of the breakwater, this lighthouse is cylindrical and enclosed with six fluted columns. Modeled after the 4th-century Greek Choragic Monument of Lysicrates, this lighthouse was originally difficult to get to for the keepers, who would often be forced to crawl along the breakwater to get to the light. The area between the shore and the breakwater has since been filled and the lighthouse is now easily accessible for visitors. Though visitors cannot enter the lighthouse, it is possible to walk around it.  

Goat Island Lighthouse

Guarding the scenic village of Kennebunkport's Cape Porpoise, Goat Island Lighthouse can be viewed best from the municipal pier at Cape Porpoise. Automated since 1990, the Goat Island Lighthouse was the last manned lighthouse in the state.

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

The unique two-light Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse sits in the quiet community of Cape Elizabeth, just south of Portland. This lighthouse was originally built with one tower in 1811, but in an effort to align and create a range so that mariners could more easily get their bearings, a second tower was added in 1828.

Portland Head Lighthouse
(207) 799-2661

The Portland Head Lighthouse is another well known lighthouse in the region located in Cape Elizabeth's small city. Situated in Fort Williams Park, this historic lighthouse was first lit in 1791 and now features a museum. There are some stunning views here and the park also includes a fort remains, an old mansion and picnic and playground facilities.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
(207) 677-2494

Another dramatic and highly photographed lighthouse, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse sits on the end of peninsula overlooking Muscongus Bay. In the summertime, you will see numerous artists here sketching and painting this historic lighthouse perched on a rocky bluff. Built in 1827, this lighthouse was built to warn of the dangerous rock formations in the area which are stunning to view from land.

No matter where your Freeport Inn is located, you can be assured that there are several beautiful lighthouses to explore within easy reach. Freeport has many things to do that easily make your trip to this beautiful town something to remember for years to come.