Explore Stonington Vineyards While Visiting Deer Island

The Stonington Vineyards are one of the best places that you can visit on Deer Island. The Stonington Vineyards are located in Connecticut, but are easily accessible from anywhere on Deer Island. The vineyards allow you to taste of some of the finest wine in the country.

Stonington Vineyards
523 Taugwonk Road
Stonington, CT 06378

To reach this vineyard from a Deer Island Bed and Breakfast you'll have to take a short drive. Upon reaching the vineyard, you're not going to be disappointed because of everything it has to offer. The wine tasting is just the beginning, because the vineyards also teach you the fine art of making wine. There's a tour that you can take to help you understand each of the processes involved in wine making.

Jonathan Edwards Winery
74 Chester Main Road
North Stonington, CT 06359

Driving from a Deer Island Inn is going to be the only way you can successfully reach the Jonathon Edwards Winery. One of the best activities the winery has to offer is that the guests are allowed to explore the grounds on their own. No scheduled tour is needed. This is in addition to the amazing wines that they offer for wine tasting. The only thing to watch out for is that the red wines are made from grapes that were grown in California, rather than at the vineyard. Therefore, the red wines are not to be considered a local wine.

McLaughlin Vineyards
14 Albert Hill Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

If you're looking for a great winery and don't mind a three-hour drive, you will want to check out the McLaughlin Vineyards. This vineyard is known mostly for its Chardonnay, but they also produce quite a bit of Merlot wines. In addition to the wine tasting and the tours that you can take part in, the winery also makes their own sugar. They accomplish this by tapping their own maple trees, and they produce the actual syrup in the Sugarhouse.

Bishop Farm Winery
500 South Meridian Road
Cheshire, CT 06451

Aside from all of the wine tasting in this winery, there are plenty of other activities that can keep you busy. While visiting the Bishop Farm Winery, stop by some of their beautiful shops to see what they have for sale. You can also check out the farmhouse and greenhouse that serve a useful purpose just about all year long. This winery produces mainly different fruit wines, and they also produce beets.

Chamard Vineyards
115 Cow Hill Road
Clinton, CT

This winery offers you the chance to pay per person for wine tasting, but you can also get discounts for calling in large groups ahead of time. Just remember if tipping with a large party, the gratuity fee is often included in the meal charge. The winery mainly produces Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. If you're interested in the wine tasting you should book a tour to see how wine is made, and then taste the finished product.