Camden Things to Do: Which Winery Tour is for You?

When you filter through a list of Camden things to do and nothing seems to compliment your visit at a Camden Bed and Breakfast, why not enjoy a tour of the local wineries? Here are 2 wineries in the area that might relax you, and even impress you.

Cellardoor Vineyard
47 West Street
Rockport, Maine
(207) 236-2654

Once you have settled in to your Camden Inn, you can begin to pick from your list of Camden Things to do. BBOnline recommends stopping by this winery for a tour of how this they makes some of the best tasting wine in Maine. They're outside the city limits, and offer a selection of wines that would impress the finest wine connoisseur. They sell out often, so we recommend that if you don't find your choice, you order it online when it comes available. They have 18 wines to choose from. Cellardoor Vineyard has a selection of red wines, whites and even dessert wines. They have many events throughout the year that show process of the desserts they make to go with the wines, and the wines themselves. You can book a visit to the winery online or by calling them. They make appointments throughout the year and have select hours for the winter months. They present a simple tour of the winery, offering a taste of a select few wines and the signature treats they make as well.

Savage Oakes Vineyard and Winery
174 Barrett Hill Rd
Union, Maine 04862
(2070 785-2828

If you love blueberries and hard work, or you're simply a fan of great tasting wine, here is your place to visit for a tour. Though this is not directly in the city, we mention this one on our list of Camden Things to do. It's just a 20 minute drive and offers the best wine in the area made from blueberries. Savage Oakes makes great tasting wine through mixing grapes and blueberries together. They show this process hands on during the tour. One of the reasons they are so far outside the city is because they needed the land to have a farm that could develop the type of taste they knew would be a winner. Call them to make an appointment, because they do have select hours for the winter months. However, once you start the drive from your Camden Inn to their location and pull up to the farm, you'll see acres of fresh grown grapes and Maine blueberries covering the land. They also raise their own pork and beef. Savage Oakes produces 13 different wines at affordable prices. They have an assortment of red wines, white wines, dry wines and a few signature wines. They grow a variety of the finest red and white grapes to combine for an excellent taste.