Take a Walking Tour of 19th Century Bath Architecture

Bath Architecture that was built and developed in the 19th century is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this quiet Maine city. Because the city is small, it's easy for guests staying in a Bath Inn to walk around the city and admire its unique architecture. Although many of these 19th century businesses and shops are no longer in business, the buildings have been carefully preserved and have new shops and stores within them. Here are several historic Bath buildings that you can check out during any walking tour.

Bath City Hall
55 Front Street
Bath, Maine 04530
(207) 443-8332

Bath City Hall is one of the older buildings here. The building is still in active operation today and tours are available throughout the year. The building has a beautiful dome and pillar that stands on top of the unique and wonderful 3 story building. Guests of a Bath Bed and Breakfast will often walk around City Hall on their way to other prominent buildings in the town. At the base of Bath City Hall is the Davenport Memorial. Tours of Bath City Hall often reveal the inner workings of the city, as well as the ancient pieces of art and maritime collectibles that have been preserved over the years.

Percy & Small Shipyard
243 Washington Street
Bath, Maine 04530

The Percy and Small Shipyard was built in the late 1800s and was in active operation for only around 30 years. In its short time it built 44 vessels, many of which were schooners. Guests of a Bath Bed and Breakfast love to walk around the shipyard and observe some of the old ships that are still found in the area. Tours of the shipyard are given from Bath's very own Maritime Museum. In addition to tours of the Percy and Small Shipyard, the Bath Maritime Museum boasts many unique exhibits and artifacts that travelers can get to observe and interact with. Some of the exhibits include sculptures of massive wooden sailing vessels.The Maritime Museum also offers up amazing views of the coast and many of the historic coastal homes that are still private residences. While many of these homes cannot be fully explored, their unique Bath architecture can be viewed from the Percy and Small Shipyard, as well as many other locations within the city.

J.R. Maxwell's
122 Front St.
Bath, Maine 04530
(207) 443-2014

J.R. Maxwell's is a former hotel that has recently been turned into a posh and delicious restaurant. Although the building is beautiful to look at and historically significant, many people now visit J.R. Maxwell's because of its wonderful food dishes. Upon entering the building, you will find high ceilings and refurbished wood. Like many other restaurants in Maine, J.R. Maxwell's specializes in fresh seafood, steak and chicken dishes. The exterior of the building is made out of brick and if you're not in the mood to grab a bite to eat, the building is still worth looking at because of its magnificent Bath architecture.