3 Great Bar Harbor Scenic Points

Those searching things to do in Bar Harbor, Maine will not be disappointed. Nestled on the Atlantic coast of the United States, Bar Harbor offers something for nearly every type of traveler. From the rugged granite coastline to the warm, cozy feel of a Bar Harbor bed and breakfast, travelers the world over are drawn to the rugged beauty and welcoming atmosphere. BBonline recommends the following 3 attractions.

The Acadia National Park

For nature enthusiasts, hikers and cyclist, BBonline recommends The Acadia National Park. First donated in the early 20th century, this park as been drawing tourists in and hypnotizing them with its rugged beauty and calm, serene setting. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the many plants and animals that make the park their home. Those that enjoy a physical challenge will naturally be drawn to the granite cliffs, begging to be climbed and explored. Acadia National Park is home to the largest mountain on the Atlantic coast as well as miles of historic roads and paths that are perfect for walking and cycling. From May to October, visitors are welcome to take advantage of the ranger-led programs. Camping facilities are also available with two of the primary campgrounds located 10 minutes from the ocean.

The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company
1 West Street
Bar Harbor Maine 04609
(207) 288-2386

For those that love to combine nature with a little adventure, whale watching could be the perfect trip. BBonline recommends The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company who provides tours into the bay to view some of the area's most majestic creatures. Humpback whales as well as tuna and seals have been reported by previous travelers. The company does advise visitors to be prepared for choppy waters and to dress warmly. However, the trip will not disappoint. The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company has earned praise from travelers on how well they accommodate their guests. They go the extra mile to see to it that no one leaves disappointed.

The Baker Island Lighthouses

Lighthouses once served as the saviors of the seas with their beacon lights and resonating fog horns warning the ships of approaching danger. Today they have been rendered nearly obsolete with the invention of GPS and satellite tracking. The structures still serve as a historical reminder of what maritime life was like decades ago. BBonline recommends The Baker Island lighthouses. They're beautifully preserved, inviting visitors to step into the area's maritime past. Baker Island is located approximately 4 miles off the coast of Acadia National Park and is accessible by boat only. The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company, as well as Sea Adventure Custom Boat Tours, both offer excursions to Baker Island and the Cranberry Islands of the Maine Coast. The island is highly accessible for those staying in one of the many Bar Harbor Inns on the mainland.