Roseland Travel Guide to Fun Attractions

BBOnline helps you pack your Roseland travel itinerary with fun attractions in the area, like romantic plantation homes, a strawberry festival and a close encounter with alligators.

Houmas House
40136 Highway 942
Darrow, Louisiana 70725

This 18th century house used to be part of a sugar plantation and is actually two houses joined together (one of them built later in the Greek Revival style). Just as you would expect of a "plantation house," it is surrounded by magnificent live oaks, magnolias and beautiful formal gardens. Inside you'll find elegant period furniture, paintings and gorgeous antiques. Costumed storytellers will regale you with fascinating stories connected with the house.

Fans of Bette Davis will find this grand old house with its impressive exterior is especially interesting, as one of the films in which she starred - "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte" - was primarily filmed here. The restaurant on the property is considered as one of the best in America by the Esquire magazine. A must-see on your Roseland travel itinerary.

Laura Plantation
2247 Highway 18
Vacherie, Louisiana 70090
(225) 265-7690

If you want to see what life on a sugar plantation was like, visit this old Creole plantation home and take the award-winning tour of the property. The true stories you'll hear come from the tragic family saga of the rebellious Laura Locoul Gore. You'll also see the skilled workmanship of the slaves who lived and worked here. The French garden is charming, so make sure you add Laura to your Roseland travel plans.

French Settlement Creole Festival
Livingston Parish, Louisiana

The Creole Festival takes place in Livingston Parish just south of Roseland every year in October. There's dancing, great food and live entertainment. The settlement has a church and Creole house made of cypress. The house is now a museum showcasing Creole exhibits such as a period wedding dress, vintage radio and lots of photographs. Some of the historic homes like the Adam Lobell House and the Guitrau House on the National Register of Historic Places are not open to public, but you can still enjoy the beautiful architecture.   

Strawberry Festival
301 North 6th Street
Ponchatoula, Louisiana 70454
(985) 370-1889

Touted by such high-profile attendees as Queen Sissy Dufreche, King Fred Beachamp and Princess Sandy Smith, the award-winning Strawberry Festival is almost as big as Mardi Gras in Louisiana. There are strawberry eating contests, live bands and a Strawberry Queen pageant. The annual festival takes place in April.

Insta-Gator Ranch & Hatchery
23440 Lowe Davis Road
Covington, Louisiana 70435
(985) 892-3669

A must-add to your Roseland travel itinerary, this alligator refuge has more than 2,000 gators. A guided tour will tell you all about these ancient Louisiana dwellers, right from hatchling to handbag. You'll view gators of all ages and sizes from protected walkways. Be ready for some excitement and close encounters  when the tour guide catches a gator and asks you to help him tape those cruel jaws together for safety's sake so you can examine the creature. Just stay away from the tail!