What Makes Bourbon Street, New Orleans A Top Attraction

Bourbon Street is synonymous with New Orleans. This relatively small street (7 blocks) is responsible for a huge contribution to New Orleans Nightlife. There is something for almost everyone on Bourbon Street, jazz clubs, hotel bars and discos line this iconic street. There are very few places that garner the year round party atmosphere as New Orleans and this is what makes Bourbon Street a top attraction.

Mardi Gras 

The world famous Mardi Gras Carnival begins and ends on Bourbon Street in February of every year.The floats and parades of purple, gold and green roll out of Bourbon Street, pass Canal Street and revellers converge on Bourbon Street later in the night in the spirit of sheer delight and debauchery. The parade crowds can be seen above from your New Orleans Inn as you throw beads onto the revellers. Mardi Gras can trace it's origins to 1718 when the first open celebration thrown by the Marquis de Vaudreuil was a costumed high society ball that served as the model for the Mardi Gras celebration today. For a New Orleans bed and breakfast close to Bourbon Street, BBOnline recommends The Creole Gardens.  This bed and breakfast is located just at the end of the French Quarter and the beginning of the Garden District which is in walking distance from the nightlife on Bourbon Street.  If sleeping is not as important, then Ashton's Bed and Breakfast is very close to the action.

Bars and Dives

The options for bars, dives and small clubs are aplenty along Bourbon Street. Many of these establishments do not charge a cover price. People can saunter in and out at their leisure with their cocktails in hand.Keep in mind that the small clubs with live bands will charge more for drinks. BBOnline recommends the Cat's Meow, Utopia, the Famous Door and Razoo as the top dancing clubs in Bourbon Street. There are very cities that command drinks and Bourbon Street has been accredited as the birthplace of The Grenade, The Hurricane and the Mint Julep.

Bon Appetit!

New Orleans cuisine alone can fill the pages of any guidebook.The Cajun and French Creole options along with rustic influences make this cuisine is world famous. Just a few steps from the intersection of Bourbon and Canal Street, is the Red Fish Grill. There is often a line for lunch and dinner. Their popular $11.95 two course lunch special is very popular. The luxurious Royal Sonesta Hotel is home to the chic and popular Begue's Restaurant. Eating from any one of these fine dining establishments will guarantee a nap at your New Orleans bed and breakfast.