Enjoy Lafitte Fishing & Other Outdoor Attractions

While visiting Louisiana, one thing that you will want to check into is fishing, because Lafitte fishing is not going to be what you expect. Lafitte fishing is not just about going down to the nearest watering hole and throwing in a line, but there are plenty of people who do that. The best thing about Lafitte fishing is that you can go on a charter fishing trip or you can head out on your own. Most people enjoy the charter trips because they don't have to worry about finding the best fishing locations.

Jean Lafitte Fishing Charters
4915 Joan Marie Drive
Barataria, LA 70036

Jean Lafitte Fishing charters has more than 35 years of experience in leading fishing charters, so they can easily take you to some of the best places around. You and your party will be assigned a charter guide based on the type of fishing that you plan on doing, whether you're fishing in salt water or want to head out into the swamps. Single day fishing charters start off at $400 for one person and go up $50 for each additional person in your party. When going on a charter be sure to leave your Lafitte Bed and Breakfast early in the morning so you don't miss your boat.

Capt Phil Robichaux's Fishing
1842 Jean Lafitte Boulevard
Lafitte, LA 70067

The biggest claim to fame this fishing charter business has is that Captain Phil is a television fishing expert, but he also has a really good staff that knows what they're doing. Using Captain Phil's fishing charter service is better than other choices because of how many secret fishing spots the crew knows about. This service leaves from the dock around 6:00 to 6:30 a.m. and returns around 2:30 p.m. The early return allows you to catch a quick nap at your Lafitte Inn before the evening fun begins. The best part is that your fee is going to cover just about everything necessary for your trip, including bait.

Bob's Net Shop
5170 Rogers Street
Lafitte, LA 70067

Bob's Net Shop doesn't offer any kind of fishing charters, but it is useful just the same. You'll find just about everything that you need for a special fishing trip, including poles and bait. You can also talk to the workers to find out where some of the best fishing spots in town are.

Joe's Landing
4811 Privateer Boulevard
Barataria, LA 70036

In addition to the chartered tour you can book with one of the 15 guides that work at Joe's, you can also book a fishing rodeo for your vacation. A fishing rodeo is a perfect opportunity for those fishermen who get a little competitive. With the fishing rodeo you and your party, no matter the number, will go out on the boat or even fish right from the pier. The point of the fishing rodeo is to catch the biggest fish, based on weight, by the end of the day.