Woodford County Must-Sees while in Versailles

Anyone visiting Versailles should be well aware of the attractions and parks in Woodford County. These parks are worth visiting for anyone who is passionate about the natural world and the beauty of nature. There are so many things to do and look at in Versailles that many people will find it difficult to choose. It's important to spend time considering what's on offer so that you can plan the very best trip and decide exactly what you want to do on your vacation.

Whenever you're staying in Versailles on vacation one of the easiest and most popular places to stay will be a Versailles Inn. These are normally run by families which makes them useful sources of information. They are also normally located closer to the attractions and much more affordable than posh hotels.

Three Chimneys Farm
1981 Old Frankfort Pike
Versailles, KY
(859) 873-7053

Although this isn't technically a park or a woodland it is a great way to see the outdoors and nature at its best. Three Chimneys farm is one of the few breeding farms which you can tour and this makes it a very special place to visit. The farm itself is very clean and the animal welfare is one of the most important concerns for most people. Three Chimneys also runs very organized tours which make it possible to learn a great deal from the staff.

If you are interested in taking a tour then you will first need to book an appointment by phone. Tours are fairly flexible and they should be able to fit you in at some time. This is an educational trip as every child needs to know that food comes from farms and not just out of a can; it's something that your children and even you will really love to see.

Blue Grass Railroad Museum
Beasley Road
Versailles, KY 40383
(859) 873-2476 or (800) 755-2476

The Blue Grass Railroad Museum is home to a disused railway track which is a very beautiful and picturesque area to walk. The track has been removed, leaving a great surface for walking around such a fantastic area. The railway line passes through some beautiful trees and wooded areas. There are also some fantastic views from various lookout points along the route. Anyone who loves nature should certainly check out the Blue Grass Railroad Museum.

Irish Acres Gallery of Antiques
4205 Ford's Mill Rd
Versailles, KY 40383
(859) 873-7235

If you fancy some time off from visiting all of the wooded areas and parks in Versailles then you should consider checking out this antique shop and gallery. They have a wide range of antiques from various different time periods which make this one of the best places to go and see antiques anywhere in the country. As soon as you set foot inside the door you will think that you've been transported back through time. It would be possible to spend hours looking at all of these antiques.

If you do want to visit Versailles then you should consider booking a Versailles bed and breakfast before you leave. These bed and breakfasts will help you to stay close to the action for a fraction of the cost.