Daniel Boone National Forest and Other Attractions near Middlesboro

Visit the popular Daniel Boone National Forest when you make Middlesboro, Kentucky your travel destination. Middlesboro is a Bell County town near the Cumberland Gap, a popular national park.  After selecting the Middlesboro Bed and Breakfast of your choice, take a few days to visit the attractions near the town. These places are family-oriented attractions that you can visit any time of the year.

Daniel Boone National Forest
1700 Bypass Rd
Winchester, KY  40391
(859) 745-3100

This national forest is named after the legendary Daniel Boone, a frontiersman who lived in Kentucky. The park is located near the Appalachians and the rugged terrain takes up over 700,000 acres of forest. With a great number of native wildlife living in this forest, it's one of the most fascinating places in the state.

Bears, snakes and other animals call this park their home. You should follow all rules and regulations provided by the park to avoid any problems when exploring the forest. However, the animals aren't the only things to see in the Daniel Boone National Forest. There are two lovely lakes here as well. Cave Run and Laural Rivers are excellent places to kayak or fish.

You can hike any of the trails at the forest. They vary in difficulty, with some easier than others. Make a stop by the visitor center for a trail map and information on the best trails to follow.

Complete your visit by rock climbing, canoeing or simply taking a picnic. Contact the visitor center for hours, fees and park information.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
91 Bartlett Park Rd
Middlesboro, KY 40965
(606) 248-2817

When you stay in a Middlesboro Inn, take a short drive to the Cumberland Gap. This famous Kentucky attraction has miles of trails, mountain scenery and more. You can take an invigorating hike or nature walk. The waterfalls and forests are beautiful sights to many who venture out the Cumberland. You might find these attractions breathtaking in the spring and fall months.

Beneath the vast mountains are caverns. These caves are home to several specie of animals who have adapted to the environment. The caves also stretch for miles.

If you're interested in visiting this natural wonder, contact the visitor center.

Kentucky Ridge State Forest
Hwy. 190
Pineville, KY 40977
(606) 337-3011

Pineville is located in Bell County. You reach the state forest by taking a road through the Pine Mountain State Resort Park. The Kentucky Ridge State Forest is the second biggest in the state. It has over 15,000 acres of green forest and trails. You can hike, hunt or fish at this park.

Since it surrounds Pine Mountain State Resort Park, you explore this park as well. If you head north, you'll reach the resort park. The resort has a number of recreational activities available. Most come to fish, kayak or hike.

You should call the state forest office for more details about both locations. The hours of operation may vary for each season. Fees may change as well.