Louisville Things to Do: A Pedestrian's Tour of Victorian Architecture

The state of Kentucky has many interesting places to visit, and one of them is Louisville. Things to do in Louisville must include a visit to the historic district of Old Louisville, because it's home to the largest concentration of Victorian-style buildings in the US. By viewing these historic buildings, you will get a better insight into American culture in the late 19th century and early 20th century. BBOnline recommends that you take these Old Louisville walking tours.

Central Park North Tour
Magnolia Avenue to Fourth Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40208

When you are vacationing in Louisville, things to do should include taking a walking tour around the Central Park North area. This tour will lead you to about 30 historically significant buildings, many of which feature Victorian architecture. You should begin on Magnolia Avenue, just beside St. James Court. Walk towards Sixth Street and turn left when you reach it. A little down the street, you will see 1413 South Sixth Street, and you can turn around and walk back the other way. Turn right at Ormsby Avenue and take a left at Garvin Place. At the end of the block, turn back and walk towards Ormsby again. Turn left and then take a right at Fourth Avenue. The tour ends at the intersection of Fourth and Park Avenue.

As you are touring the Central Park North area, you should look out for these Victorian-style buildings:

  • The Cabbage Patch Settlement House
  • 1340-1344 South Sixth Street
  • 517 Ormsby Avenue
  • 505 Ormsby
  • 1233 Garvin Place
  • 422 Ormsby
  • Fraser House
  • 1328 South Fourth Street
  • 1332 South Fourth Street

All these buildings were constructed in the late 19th century, except the Cabbage Patch Settlement House, which was built in 1910. The entire tour takes about 2 hours. Before you head back to your Louisville Bed and Breakfast, you should take a walk at the Central Park, because it's home to the St. James-Belgravia Historic District. This district is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Old Louisville East Tour
Magnolia Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40208

This is another popular walking tour in Old Louisville. Things to do for tourists who are interested in Victorian architecture should include a walk on this route, because there are many Victorian-style buildings along the way. The tour starts at the same point as the Central Park North Tour, but instead of going west, you should head east. Most of the buildings that you will see are two- or three-story homes, and the total time required to complete the tour is about 1 hour. On Magnolia Avenue, go east until you reach Second Street. Take a left and walk on the left side of the street. When you reach Oak Street, turn back and walk on the other side of Second Street. Turn left at Magnolia Avenue and take a left when you see First Street. Walk until Oak Street, and then, turn around and walk back towards Magnolia. Two of the notable buildings that you can see on this tour are the Victoria Gardens and The Triplets.

If your Louisville Inn is located in the downtown area, you have to travel south on Second or Third Street until you reach Magnolia Avenue. Find a place to park at the Central Park and begin your tour.