Danville Shopping: Find Gems in Comic and Hobby Shops

Although it's a small town in Kentucky, there are several Danville shopping centers that boast the best hobby shops and comic book stores in this part of the country. Although you might have to travel to Lexington to find additional hobby shops, Danville shopping centers will usually have you covered with all things Marvel and comic book related. Below are 3 excellent hobby shops that are located in and around the Danville area.

Big Daddy's Hobby Shop
905 Hustonville Rd
, Kentucky 40422-2160

Big Daddy's Hobby Shop is one of the most well respected hobby shops in Danville. Although it is quite small, Big Daddy's specializes in a unique collection of comics and hobby related toys. It is also possible to purchase models and RPG gaming tools here. Big Daddy's is fun to visit after a restful night at a Danville Inn. It also offers excellent comic book merchandise and paraphernalia, including t-shirts, magazines and other assorted treats. Although it is possible to buy select sports cards and memorabilia, the store mostly specializes in comic related merchandise. Every few months or so, Big Daddy's will host a gathering during the evening to play games and to check out the store's new merchandise. This is a Danville shopping experience that should not be missed!

Comic Cosmos
1560 Hustonville Road
Danville, Kentucky 40422
Phone: (859) 236-3031

Comic Cosmos is an excellent comic book and memorabilia store in Danville. The store offers everything from collectible card games to comic book action figures. Posters are also available. The official website is constantly updated with the store's latest merchandise and comics. Although this place does not specialize in vintage comic books, you can get practically any new hobby related item. The store transforms into a Halo gaming center during select times of the month. The official website announces the schedule and people show up to play Halo and eat pizza from Cici's. Comic Cosmos hosts other gaming tournaments and activities throughout the year. The store is open from 10am to 7pm on weekdays and from noon to 6pm on Sundays. Comic Cosmos is easy to find if you ask anyone who works at your Danville Bed and Breakfast.

Rusty Scabbard
820 Lane Allen Rd Ste 196

Lexington, Kentucky 40504
(859) 278-6634

Although located in Lexington, Rusty Scabbard is probably the most famous and popular hobby shop in Kentucky. Lexington is not far from Danville, and Rusty Scabbard's unique collection of new and used comics will be well worth the drive. In addition to comics, the store also specializes in RPG gear and dice. A variety of games ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Magic are for sale here. Events take place on a weekly basis at the Rusty Scabbard, including gaming tournaments and select showcases. Although the prices are a bit high, the Rusty Scabbard is an institution that cannot be ignored.