5 Reasons to Visit Cave City

Cave city has several interesting attractions. The caves are the focal point of any tour and you can enjoy these attractions while you are here. BBOnline recommends the following as the main attractions in Cave City.

1. Mammoth Cave National Park
1 Mammoth Cave Parkway
Cave City, KY 42259
(270) 758-2180

The Mammoth Cave National Park will take you on a tour of the natural caves that inhabit this area. This is a Cave City attraction that will take you up close and personal with the preserved cave system. You can explore the 390 mile-long stretch of caves and understand its formations. These caves have welcomed tourists since 1816. You and your family are sure to have an adventurous time at this attraction. Set out early from your Cave City Inn to enjoy the offering to the maximum.

2. Kentucky Action Park
3057 Mammoth Cave Road
Cave City, KY 42127
(270) 773-2560

The Kentucky Action Park is one of the Cave City attractions that should not be missed. This attraction offers a little something for the entire family. You and your loved ones can set out on a horseback riding tour or enjoy the offerings of the Alpine Slide. There are several other rides ranging from roller coasters to steam trains and water rides that should not be missed. You can spend an entire day exploring the various offerings of the Kentucky Action Park. Hence it would be advisable to leave your Cave City bed and breakfast in the morning so that you can spend an entire day at this attraction.

3. Guntown Mountain Amusement Park
101 Huckleberry Knob Road
Cave City, KY 42127
(270) 773-3530

The Guntown Mountain Amusement Park is known for its adventurous rides. This place also has rides that are suitable for children. The unique aspect about the amusement park it that it organizes several events throughout the week that keeps one entertained. The magic show is a regular here and pulls a huge crowd. The life size jail is another attraction that involves interacting with the staff that put up a skit that depicts a jail scene.

4. Green River Canoeing
3061 Mammoth Cave Road
Cave City, KY 42127
(270) 773-5712

The Green River in Cave City is the center of outdoor recreational activities. The river is buoyant and offers the visitors several activities that will be both challenging as well as fun. Green River canoeing is a popular sport here and many canoeing enthusiasts come to Cave City to enjoy the thrills of canoeing on the Green River. Canoe rentals are available at the bank of the river so all you have to do its wear the right gear and hop in a canoe.

5. Hidden River Cave
119 East Main Street
Horse Cave, KY 42749
(270) 786-1466

The Hidden River Cave offers a tour of the entire cave and the river area. Visitors are taken on a guided tour of the cave. The tour comprises several adventurous and strenuous climbs and drops. You can observe the formation patterns of the caves. Also look out for several illustrations on the cave surface that were etched by the original inhabitants long, long ago.