3 Reasons to Travel to Cadiz, KY

There are many reasons why tourists visit the city of Cadiz, KY. Cadiz is situated close to Lake Barkley, and it offers great opportunities for water activities and other outdoor recreation. It also has a rich art and cultural heritage, and it is home to many excellent family attractions. Whether you are traveling to Cadiz with your friends or family, you can rest assured that you will not run out of interesting things to do. Here are 3 attractions that you must visit when you are in Cadiz, KY.

1) Land Between the Lakes
100 Morgan Drive
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211
(270) 924-2000

Land Between the Lakes is known as the biggest inland peninsula in the entire country, and it is presently a national recreation area. This piece of land covers an area of approximately 170,000 acres between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, and it is a great destination for outdoor adventures as well as historical exploration. The main highlights of this recreation area include The Nature Station, Elk and Bison Prairie, Eagle Tours, The Homeplace and the Golden Pond Planetarium. The Homeplace is a recreation of a 19th century American farm, and it features 14 original log structures and demonstrations of rural-life activities such as cultivating tobacco, sheep shearing, household chores and others. If you want to see the native animals of the region, you can do so at The Nature Station and Elk and Bison Prairie, or join the Eagle Tours. Outdoor activities that are available in the area include hiking, horseback riding, fishing, camping, hunting and boating.

Land Between the Lakes is situated about 10 miles east of your Cadiz inn, and you can get there by taking Route 80.

2) Janice Mason Art Museum
71 Main Street
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211
(270) 522-9056

Janice Mason Art Museum is one of the most popular art museums in southwestern Kentucky. Other than displaying artwork, it also seeks to promote public interest and knowledge in art through a wide variety of programs. The museum offers special exhibitions of works by internationally acclaimed artists, such as Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Chuck Close and Sol Lewitt, as well as regional artists and students. It also holds regular art classes for both adults and children, and these classes are conducted by professional artists. Throughout the year, many exciting events take place at the museum, including big band dinner dances, poetry contests, Broadway musicals and others. The Janice Mason Art Museum is located in downtown Cadiz, KY.

3) Herndon Farms Miniature Zebu Cow Haven
2530 Old Dover Road
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211
(270) 522-1981

Herndon Farms Miniature Zebu Cow Haven has the largest and finest herd of zebu cows in the US. Zebu cows are miniature cows, and they are known to be one of the oldest types of domesticated cows in the world. They are mostly less than 3 feet tall, and they are easily recognizable by their humps. Unlike many kinds of miniature cows, zebus are naturally small in size, not bred down from bigger breeds. You can find out more about this amazing specie of cows by paying a visit to the Herndon Farms Miniature Zebu Cow Haven, which is situated just a few miles south of Cadiz.