Burlington Travel Guide to the Historical Town

Discover the past with Burlington travel. A city cradled along the northern border of Kentucky, Burlington is steeped in unexpected charm. Established in 1799, it served as one of the state's first points of trade. Now, however, it has become a collection of parks, woods and historical treats. It beckons families every season to explore it and BBOnline recommends that you join in the thrills. There is much to do here and it will not disappoint.

Boone Cliffs State Nature Preserve
Middle Creek Rd.
Burlington, Kentucky 41005
(859) 259-9655

Spanning more than 70 acres, Boone Cliffs State Nature Preserve is not to be ignored. This fascinating park offers geological wonders - the aforementioned cliffs, which rise over 40 feet into the air - and local wildlife. Boone was founded in 1974 with the intention to protect Kentucky's beauty (it's what the state is known for, after all), and it succeeds. The park offers trails, bird watching, botany examinations and more. Thousands of species can be viewed, though not disturbed. It's the perfect answer to any vacation. Boone Cliffs State Nature Preserve is open daily from dawn until dusk. Families are encouraged to come but should note that no pets are allowed. Those with health worries should remember that the paths can be challenging. Hiking here is not recommended for all. Natural beauty is never far away from your Burlington Inn!

Boone Woods
6000 Veterans Way
Burlington, Kentucky 41005
(859) 334-2117

No Burlington travel itinerary would be complete without experiencing the Boone Woods. Sprawling over 50 acres, this park provides guests with peerless trails and seasonal delights. There's more than forestry to find here, though. There is instead the remains of Fort Boone which allows families to explore the past, and the Creekside Stage which provides summer concerts and plays, each reflecting the local heritage. Boone Woods celebrates the city, preserving both nature and history. Through it guests will be treated to the whimsical and the impressive. It's the best way to experience Burlington. The park is open from dawn until dusk. Amenities like pavilions, picnicking areas and more are provided, though they will need to be reserved. Allow at least one week in advance. Nature is right in your backyard when at your Burlington Bed and Breakfast.

Dinsmore Homestead
5656 Burlington Pike
Burlington, Kentucky 41005-8668
(859) 586-6117

Burlington travel offers more than quaint avenues and hot days. It instead provides guests with a chance to learn of the past. The Dinsmore Homestead, finished in 1842 by local farmers James and Martha Dinsmore, is a massive place. Settled on 30 acres, its 19th century style has been painstakingly restored. Historical enthusiasts have devoted their time, their energy and their desire to reestablishing the house as Burlington's finest. They have succeeded. Dinsmore is now filled with period details and accurate furnishings. It also offers a collection of more than 90,000 letters, business ledgers and diary pages (all written by James and Martha). This thorough examination of the family allows guests to learn what life was truly like in Burlington. It's a can't-miss opportunity. Public tours are available from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Reservations are recommended.

All Burlington travel provides glimpses into the past, and BBOnline knows you will enjoy them.