Uncovering Bellevue's Secret Sandwich Jewels

Many people stop in at a Bellevue restaurant on their way to Cincinnati, Ohio. Although Bellevue is a very small town, it has many unique restaurants and sandwich shops that travelers love to stop in on. From fresh seafood sandwiches to local turkey specialties, the Bellevue restaurant scene has all you need to enjoy lunch or dinner in this quaint town. Below are three restaurants that serve top quality Bellevue sandwiches.

Bellevue Bistro
313 Fairfield Ave.
, Kentucky 41073
(859) 581-5600

The Bellevue Bistro is one of the finer sandwich establishments in the greater Bellevue area. Offering a diverse menu that includes everything from sandwiches to cream cheese crepes, the Bellevue Bistro is the best place in town for healthy eating. After waking up from a relaxing stay at a Bellevue Inn, the Bistro is the perfect place to go for a late breakfast or early lunch. The most popular lunch option at the Bellevue Bistro is the chicken salad sandwich. Made with fresh sprouts and chopped grapes, the sandwich is a favorite with both locals and international tourists. If you are staying for dinner, the Bellevue Bistro offers a lovely goetta sandwich that is either served with fries or a fresh side salad. The sandwich can also be ordered with blackberry jam as a breakfast dish.

Buckhead Mountain Grill
35 Fairfield Avenue
Bellevue, Kentucky 41073
(859) 491-7333

The Buckhead Mountain Grill is a popular option for travelers looking to enjoy hearty sandwiches and burger options. The Buckhead Mountain Grill serves up everything from steak sandwiches to classic clubs. Most of the sandwich deals are under 10 dollars, making it a hearty and affordable way to dine in Bellevue. Other sandwiches that are popular at the Buckhead Mountain Grill include the fried fish sandwich and the buffalo chicken sandwich. The fried fish sandwich consists of an open face cod filet that is lightly battered and fried up to a crisp golden brown. Served with a side salad or fries, this is the perfect traditional Bellevue meal. After a hearty dinner, settling in for the night at a Bellevue Bed and Breakfast is never a bad idea.

Loyal Cafe
402 Foote Ave
, Kentucky 41073
(859) 431-5223

The Loyal Cafe is a tasty and light dining option in the greater Bellevue region. Although the shop offers everything from fresh ground coffee to lovely salads, many people pack in during lunch time to taste the exquisite open faced fish sandwich. A favorite with locals for years, the open faced sandwich has put this Bellevue restaurant on the map. Other sandwiches that are popular at the Loyal Cafe include the grilled cheese, made with a few different kinds of cheese, and their massive burger. The burger can comfortably feed two adults and comes with a massive side of fries. Although the Loyal Cafe is a small establishment, many of the meals that are offered on the menu pack a big punch. Other dishes that the Loyal Cafe offer include local salads and fresh pressed coffee. The Loyal Cafe is located right in the heart of Bellevue, making it convenient and easy to walk to.