5 Reasons to Visit Milan, Indiana

There are not many attractions in Milan, Indiana. However, if you are visiting Milan, you should consider these attractions which will give you plenty of enjoyment. Some of these places are out of Milan, but still worth visiting. BBOnline recommends the following as must-see places in and around Milan.

Hoosier Links Golf Club
488 Country Club Dr
Milan, IN 47031
(812) 654-2440

The Hoosier Links Golf Club is a world class golfing facility located in Milan, Indiana. This golf course comprises of 18 holes and hosts several tournaments throughout the year. Golfing is made fun here with changing elevations and difficulty levels. The beginners can stick to the first 9 holes and the professionals can test their skills on the back 9. Training is available for those who wish to better their golfing techniques. Make sure to carry your golfing cap from your Milan Bed and Breakfast, as the sun shines bright at the golf course.

Versailles State Park
1387 E US Highway 50
Versailles, IN 47042-8321
(812) 689-5606

The Versailles State Park used to be farmland in the Versailles region during the 19th century. Later on it was developed into a recreational park by the state. Today, it is a popular attraction in this part of the town and is located at a 12-minute drive from Milan, Indiana. The walking trails are marked out well and you can walk on fresh green grass and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. The ponds and lakes make for great fishing grounds. This is also a place filled with adventure for the hiking enthusiasts. Watch the beautiful sunset before you head back to your Milan Inn.

Perfect North Slopes
19074 Perfect Lane
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
(513) 381-7517

If you are in Milan, Indiana during the winter months, make it a point to drive up to the Perfect North Slopes. This is a fun winter time attraction located at a 35-minute drive from Milan in a place called Lawrenceburg. It has perfect snow-clad mountains that make for a beautiful ski vacation. You can ski along the picturesque slopes and enjoy the beautiful terrain. If you are skiing for the first time, there are several training grounds.

Creation Museum
2800 Bullittsburg Church Road
Petersburg, KY 41080
(888) 528-4253

The Creation Museum is a fun environment for the entire family to indulge in. This museum brings to life several stories of the past. From the Adam and Eve Museum to stories from the Bible, this museum has it all. The characters are presented in a three-dimensional manner and the stories are narrated in an interactive way, so it holds the interest of one and all.

Pollard's Bowl
1119 South Main Street
Versailles, IN 47042
(812) 689-6461

Trust Pollard's Bowl to add fun and excitement to your vacation. Located in Versailles, this bowling center is just a short drive away from Milan. You can bowl to your heart's content here and also take part in local tournaments.