Top 4 Reasons to Travel to Maeystown

BBOnline recommends these top 4 reasons to visit the historic village of Maeystown, Illinois. Maeystown takes you back to the 19th century. This village began as a place for German citizens to live and grow as a community. Today, Maeystown still has a special charm and quaint living that attracts thousands of people each day. You can sample German food and culture when you stay in a Maeystown Bed and Breakfast. Keep reading this helpful travel guide to see why you should travel to Maeystown, Illinois.

1.  Fort de Chartres
1350 State Rte 155
Prairie du Rocher, IL 62277
(618) 284-7230

This 18th century French fort is a main attraction near Maeystown. The fort is an historical site that hosts a number of events each year. An event called the Annual Rendezvous is performed by people dressed in traditional fur trapper costumes. The event depicts the life of these trappers. Also on the premises is an old historic building that sits near the fort. It shows how early European settlers lived in this time period. It's also the oldest construction in Illinois.

If you wish to join in on the festivities surrounding Fort de Chartres, contact the visitor center for more information. They will give you a schedule of the events happening at the fort.

2.  Schorr Lake Vineyards

1032 S Library St
Waterloo, IL 62298
(618) 939-3174

Waterloo is just minutes from Maeystown. Schorr Lake Vineyards is just one of several spectacular vineyards in Waterloo. This particular vineyard is located on acres of lush land perfect for growing ripe grapes. The wines that the vineyards produce are well-known in Illinois. You can tour the vineyards and taste these fine wines when you visit. Schorr's best varietals are open for purchase as well. They would make excellent additions to any dinner you have at your Maeystown Inn.

3.  Maeystown Preservation Society
1113 Mill St
Maeystown, IL 62256
(618) 458-6464

The Maeystown Preservation Society takes care of and sponsors several historical sites in the village. The company protects the culture and history so that others can enjoy it when they visit Maeystown. They also regulate a museum that you can visit on the weekend.

The society hosts yearly special events as well. These events are held throughout the spring, fall and winter months. Oktoberfest is one of the biggest and most popular festivities held in the village. It's held every October. Other events include a spring festival and German Christmas festival. If you would like to attend any of these festivities, contact the society and get a detailed schedule of all events.

4.  Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve
4301 S Lake Dr
Chester, IL 62233
(618) 826-2706

This nature preserve is the ideal place to spend quality time away from your Maeystown Bed and Breakfast. The preserve has almost 1,000 acres of natural habitat, wildlife and marsh land. Some of the animals in the preserve can't be seen anywhere else in Illinois. It also has miles of hiking trails, fishing opportunities and acres of forests to explore.