The 5 Most Scenic Barrington Lakes

The Barrington Lakes are known for the scenic beauty and several activities. If you are planning a trip here, you should not miss these places. BBOnline recommends the following five must-visit lakes.

1. Lake Louise
The Point Street
Barrington, IL

Lake Louise is one of the most popular Barrington Lakes. This lake has been a favorite hangout of both the locals as well as visitors for a long time now. The lake is the best place to go fishing. You do need to have a valid fishing license and this can be obtained by contacting the authorities. Fishing is a lot of fun at this lake as it has several varieties of fish and legend has it that no angler goes away empty handed from this lake. So make it a point to carry your fishing gear from your Barrington Inn.

2. Baker Lake
14 S Northwest Highway
Barrington, IL

Bake Lake is another popular recreational spot in Barrington. This features amongst the most visited Barrington lakes and has a famous Natural Preserve named after it. The Baker Lake Natural Preserve is known as the custodian of all things related to the lake and the nature in general. The lake is a great place for boating, but motorized boats are not allowed here so you will have to stick with the adventurous kayaks and canoes. Those interested in swimming can have a fun time here as there are no motor boats to disturb the peace and tranquility.

3. Hawthorn Lake
Vernon Hills, IL

Hawthorn Lake is one of the hidden treasures of this area and is located a short drive away in Vernon Hills. As it is not a well known lake the tranquility here is undisturbed and the natural surroundings offer visitors a clean and green environment to relax in. The water in the lake is crystal clear and the air has a sweetness that is beyond compare. This lake is a natural fishing ground and also makes for a great picnicking spot. Make sure to carry a picnic basket full of goodies from your Barrington Bed and Breakfast to enjoy the offering of this lake.

4. Lake Zurich
22 W Main Street
Barrington, IL

Lake Zurich is located in the heart of Barrington and is a place filled with exciting activities. One can set out on a kayak and explore the lake and its surroundings. The walking trail on the shore makes for a romantic stroll and the sunset looks impeccably beautiful. This lake will add a romantic touch to your Barrington vacation and you will surely revisit this picturesque locale.

5. Keene Lake
Hawthorne Road
Barrington, IL

Trust the Keene Lake to add spunk to your vacation. This lake is most visited by the younger crowd and hence it is obvious that the atmosphere here is lively and extremely entertaining. Several kayaking competitions are held here all year round. The lake also stands witness to carnivals and fairs. Make it a point to spend some quality time here.