Beyond Poipu Beach: Exploring the Kauai Coast

The Kauai Coast is so long and diverse, that it is a good idea not to spend your entire vacation time only on Poipu Beach. Kauai has much more to offer. Here is a list of great beaches just a short drive away from your Poipu Bed and Breakfast: Shipwrecks Beach Park, Anini Beach, and Napali Coast State Park.

Shipwrecks Beach Park
1571 Poipu Road
Koloa Kauai, HI 96756

Just 1.5 miles (about 2.4 kilometers) away from most places around Poipu Beach, the Shipwrecks Beach Park is a great location along the Kauai coast for hiking. This hiking trail is about 4 miles long and reaches Ainako Street. Make sure to pack all your hiking necessities such as sunblock, water, and cellphone, and to wear appropriate hiking boots or shoes. If you carry an expensive camera, it is a good idea to carry it in a protective bag or just to cover it with a plastic bag to avoid water damage in case of rain. After your hike around Shipwrecks you may enjoy a bite or drink at the Poipu Bay Grill and Bar, which is located on Ainako Street. During your hike you will see several points to access the ocean, but please refrain from entering the water because the currents are strong and, often, jellyfish are in the water.

Anini Beach
Anini Road
Kilauea, HI 96754

Located on the opposite side of the island, Anini Beach is about 40 miles (64 kilometers) away from you Poipu Inn heading North on the Kuhio Highway (also known as Highway 56). During your drive to Anini Beach, you will be able to experience the whole East Kauai coast. You can combine your trip with short stops at key places such as Wailua, Kapaa and Anahola for some sightseeing. Fishing enthusiasts will be happy to hear that Anini is a great place for flyfishing, particularly catching Hawaiian bonefish. In Kauai you don't need to purchase a fishing permit so you can cast your rod freely anywhere in the island. This beach offers many shallow reef flats from which you can test your luck to catch some bonefish.

Napali Coast State Park
Kokee Road
Kilauea, Hawaii 96754 

Napali translates from the Hawaiian language into 'the cliffs' and the Napali cliffs offers one of the most dramatic settings along the Kauai coast. To get to the Napali Coast State Park you will need to drive through the Waimea Canyon Park and the Napali Kona Forest Reserve. This state park offers great options for hiking and boating. Once you arrive to the state park you will have available about 15 miles (24 kilometers) for hiking. It is important to point out that the hiking paths involve several steep cliffs and they require a good fitness level. Check the information office near the entrance gate for the list and location of hiking trails inside this state park. If you decide to hike, it is a good idea to wear sunblock, carry plenty of water and have a cell phone with you at all times.