Visit the Waiakea Forest Preserve while Staying in Keaau

The Waiakea Forest Preseve near Hilo on the big island of Hawaii provides you with a vacation excursion when staying in Hawaii. You can spend time on your vacation visiting the preserve and planning many day trips throughout the forest by staying in nearby Keeau in Hawaii County.

Spending time in the Waiakea Forest Preserve is just one of the things that you can do and enjoy during your Hawaiian vacation and while visiting this north east section of the island. Being slightly inland and not as close to the beaches and warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, the forest preserve offers a different Hawaiian experience for you to explore and incorporate into your vacation plans.

About Keeau, Hawaii

Keeau is a census designated place located on the big island of Hawaii that had a population of little more the 2,000 as of the year 2000 U.S. Census Bureau count. The area has a healing herb garden and art museum and is home to the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation. The area is located near the island's largest settlement of Hilo, which is also the second largest city in the state, behind the city of Honolulu.

Keeau is also near the annual ancient and modern celebration of the hula during the Merrie Monarch Festival, which takes place the week after Easter.

Staying in a Keeau Inn

When staying in Keeau as you plan your trip to the Waiakea Forest Preserve you can stay in a Keaau inn location. This will make it easier for you to make your day trips and enjoy the several other sights and locations in Keaau and nearby Hilo, Hawaii.

Waiakea Forest Preserve

About the Waiakea Forest Preserve

The Waiakea Forest Preserve is one of the 23 natural forest reserves located on the big island of Hawaii. It consists of 2 parts, the Upper and lower Waiakea Forest Preserves. Waiakea Forest Preserve was established in December of 1974 on a 640-acre lava flow.

What to Do at the Waiakea Forest Preserve

The forest preserve offers the same opportunities found in similar forest preserves that provide plant growth and other things to see and observe. You can plan a scenic hike or bike ride across the acres of forest preserve and gain a different perspective for the big island and its vegetation, plants and growth. You can also watch the sunset and sunrise and travel the short distance from your lodgings to the forest preserve. 

A Keaau bed and breakfast location can provide you with comfortable accommodations that are affordable. The savings derived from a bed and breakfast lodging can be used to further enjoy your Keeau vacation and Waiakea Forest Preserve visit. You can use your stay at a bed and breakfast to plan other points of interest that you would like to visit and see during your time on the big island of Hawaii before moving on to other tourist locations such as those on Oahu and Maui.