Visit Beautiful Beaches like Honaunau Bay

Honaunau Bay is a beautiful beach in Hawaii with gorgeous white sands and shady palm trees. It would be a privilege to occupy your Honaunau Bed and Breakfast near this beach. However, it's not the only breathtaking beach in the area. BBOnline has compiled a great listing of beaches to visit while vacationing in Honaunau, Hawaii. Take an afternoon ride and visit the great beaches near Honaunau Bay.

Kahaluu Beach Park
78 6699 Alii Dr
Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740

Kahaluu Beach Park is just as beautiful as Honaunau Bay. With white sands and calm waters, snorkeling and swimming are perfect activities at this beach. Other aquatic activities include fishing, surfing and scuba diving. The water provides a lovely chance to spot tropical fish and sea turtles.

You'll find lifeguards, showers, picnic tables and public restrooms available for visitors. If you ever decide to visit another beach while staying at your Honaunau Inn, this would be an ideal beach to do so.

Kahuwai Bay
Highway 1 
Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740

Kahuwai Bay provides a lovely way to relax and unwind. The water is not calm enough for swimming, but the shady palms are just right for lounging. It's one of the few beaches where you won't find too many crowds. You will find a lot of experienced divers taking advantage of the beach's underwater world. Visit Kahuwai if you want a quiet place to relax in the sun or under the palm trees lining the shores.

Kaunaoa Beach
Mauna Kea Beach Dr
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743

Kaunaoa Beach is considered one of the top 5 beaches in Hawaii and United States. If there was one beach comparable to the one by your Honaunau Bed and Breakfast, it would be Kaunaoa Beach. It features great swimming conditions at the south end of the bay and gorgeous white sand. You have to go through a private hotel for access, but they allow everyone through because the beach is open to the public.

If you decide to stay until night, be ready for an entertaining time. When the hotel turns on floodlights at night, tiny plankton come out to feed. Manta rays soon follow to feed on the plankton. For a better view of this feeding frenzy, walk over to Manta Ray Point. It should be interesting.

Keauakekua Bay
Manini Beach Rd
Captain Cook, Hawaii 96704

This is a favorite beach for kayaking, snorkeling and diving. However, visitors should be aware that this beach is a marine conservatory. Sea turtles and spinner dolphins often come close to the beach. There are also beautiful coral reefs in the area. Since the reefs play such a big role in the marine life at this beach, they are protected. Visitors often come just to admire the beauty of the corals.

How do you reach such a lovely beach? To reach Keauakekua Bay, you walk down a long trail. If you don't want to miss the archaeological significance of the beach, then the walk is perfect. Temples and other historical sites still inhabit the surrounding areas of Keauakekua Bay. This significance makes Keauakekua Bay one of the most interesting and beautiful beaches in Hawaii.

With all the beaches near your Honaunau Inn, these are the best and most remarkable ones to visit.