Hike the Oconee Forest while in Washington

When staying in Washington there are lots of different things that you can do, one popular activity is visiting the Oconee forest. The Oconee forest is a large forest near to Washington.

Getting from your Washington Inn to the Oconee forest should be very easy. It's possible to get there using public transports and taxis. Every taxi driver should know where Oconee Forest is and how to get there.

Anna Ruby Falls Recreation Area
Anna Ruby Falls Visitor Center
Helen, GA 30545

The Anna Ruby Falls Recreation Area is home to two waterfalls. This is a very beautiful location in the Oconee forest. It's also very close to Washington which makes it easy to visit. This is a great location to learn more about the waterfalls. Getting outside will give you the opportunity to find out how the waterfalls are fed. This is also a wonderful location for anyone who wants to take photographs. Whether you are photographing people or wildlife you can do this at Anna Ruby Falls. The area is also excellent for picnicking.

Brasstown Bald Visitor Information Center
Brasstown Bald
Oconee Forest
(706) 896-2556 

Brasstown Bald is a huge mountain which is the tallest in Georgia. This towers 4,784 feet above sea level. This is one of the first places to go to see the trees changing color during fall.

If you visit during clear days then you will find that there are beautiful 360-degree views over the surrounding countryside. On a good day you will be able to see to South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and of course Georgia.

The area around the mountain is home to many different animals and plants. If you manage to make it up to the top of the mountain then you will find a visitor information center. This hosts various exhibits which change throughout the year. The visitor information center also offers educational video presentations and interactive exhibits for the kids.

Chattooga River District
Oconee Forest

The Chattooga River district is in the northeast of Georgia. This is a short drive away from your accommodation in Washington but it's worth a trip. This section of the Oconee national forest includes 260,000 acres and has a range of different landscapes. The area is also home to Rabun Bald which is the second highest mountain in the state. This mountain is 4,696 feet above sea level.

At the east of this area there is the Chattooga wild and scenic river which is especially beautiful. There are also a number of lakes in the region including Lake Rabun, Seed Lake and Lake Burton. The Appalachian scenic trail also passes through this region of the forest. Taking a short walk around should allow you to see many different waterfalls. All of these are unique and very beautiful.

This area is ideal for hiking, bicycling, horse back riding and bird watching. The area is also perfect for nature photographs. There are dozens of different waterfalls around the area which are the perfect backdrop for many photographs. There are also some picnic benches which you will stumble across, these make picnicking in the area very comfortable and not far from your Washington Bed and Breakfast.