Ellijay Outdoors: Must-Do's at Chattahoochee National Forest

Ellijay is an area known for its outstanding natural beauty, within easy reach of Chattahoochee National Forest. If you love the outdoors then you will certainly want to check out everything that this area has to offer. Anyone interested in visiting Chattahoochee National Forest should consider staying in a comfortable and relaxing Ellijay Inn.

Chattahoochee National Forest
1755 Cleveland Highway
Gainesville, Georgia 30501
(770) 536-0541

Chattahoochee National Forest is an extremely popular destination for tourists and hikers. With more than 430 miles of different trails, there are plenty of paths for everyone. There are paths which are suitable for people of all abilities, from serious hikers to people just looking for a casual stroll.

There are four long distance trails which are ideal for backpackers looking for a serious hike through the area. The Bartram Trail is 37 miles long, the Duncan Ridge 35.5 miles and the Benton MacKaye Trail is 53 miles long. The longest trail is the Appalachian, and this is 79 miles long.

The forest contains more than 1,300 miles of streams where you can find all sorts of fish, including trout. There are numerous pools throughout the forest where bluegill, bass and trout can be caught.

Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge is a popular fishing location where anglers can catch a wide range of different fish. This is a massive lake which is 3,290 acres. There are two campgrounds nearby and there is a marina on the lake for renting boats from.

Nottely Lake

Nottely Lake is another very popular destination for anyone who is interested in fishing. You can catch bass and trout here.

Adventure Trail Rides
Blue Ridge, GA
(706) 258-BARN

If you're a fan of horseback riding, Adventure Trail Rides will be right up your alley. There are a number of guided trails around the area, including many of the lakes and parks that we've already looked at. These adventure trail rides are exiting and enjoyable,and designed for people of all abilities. The prices are very competitive and you can choose to ride alone or as part of a group.

When visiting any area in the Chattahoochee National Forest you will find it most comfortable to check into a local Ellijay Bed and Breakfast.

Amicola Falls State Park and Lodge
Chattahoochee State Park
(800) 864-7275

Amicola Falls is located right in the center of Chattahoochee State Park, and this makes it a fantastic place to visit for anyone in the area. A short walk from the lodge is a 729-foot waterfall which is exceptionally beautiful. Anyone visiting Chattahoochee National Forest should spend time walking to the falls at Amicola.

Amicola takes its name from the native American word for 'tumbling waters'. This is because the waterfalls are quite turbulent. The park is very beautiful and is surrounded trees, which make this a picturesque area to visit.

Appalachian Trail
Chattahoochee State Park
(304) 535-6331

The Appalachian Trail stretches for many miles and has beautiful scenery to look at along the way. This can be joined in many places throughout the Chattahoochee National forest.