Darien Travel Guide: 3 Hidden Attractions Around Town

Travelers in need of a relaxing vacation need to look no further than the charming town of Darien. Travel attractions throughout Darien are intended to suit the history buff or the traveler looking to experience the perks of small town life. There are even a few attractions that might slip by the busy traveler, thus BBOnline.com recommends checking out these hidden attractions while enjoying your Darien inn.

1. McIntosh Art Center
404 North Way
Darien, GA 31305
(912) 437-4479

While sightseeing in Darien, the modest sign and aging two-story building of the McIntosh Art Center might be easily overlooked. This attraction, however, is one to explore. Local and nearby artists fill the McIntosh Art Center with unique pieces to be viewed and also to be purchased. Watercolors, oil painting, sculptures and photographs display the talent that comes from the area. The five gallery rooms at the art center also holds handcrafted jewelry and pottery. Most of the items at the center depict scenes inspired by Coastal Georgia. The McIntosh Art Center becomes even more of an unexpected treat with the addition of a county museum which is housed in the second story of the building. Being an old jail house of the the town, the upstairs portion was originally the place where inmates were held. Today the floor is composed of remnants of the past and all of the art center is sure to be the making of a delightful Darien day.

2. City Square
Darien, GA 31305

Darien is the home to two beautiful and equally historic town squares. The same man who designed the elaborate squares in Savannah had a hand in creating these town squares. The first of these squares in Columbus Square, which was the transportation center of the town during the late 1800s. The railroad ran through this part of Darien and thus made it made the Georgia town a frequent stop on railroad ventures. The railway was moved several decades later and Columbus Square lost its transportation allure, but still remained an active part of the Darien community. The second town square is Vernon Square. This particular square was the social center of the Georgia town. It was also the religious center of the town and was home to many prominent businesses. Today both squares play host to festivals, outdoor gatherings and art shows. They are some of the best, and seemingly unknown spots, to enjoy all that Darien is and was.

3. Oldest Live Oak Tree
Darien, GA 31305

Trees are commonly overlooked while searching for the top-rated attractions in any destination, yet many are some of the most fascinating things to encounter. Darien is home to one of these amazing trees. The oldest tree in Darien is a Live Oak with perfectly placed Spanish moss. It is a staggering 85 inches in diameter. While the stellar site is enough to be worthy of a few vacation snapshots, there are also two other noteworthy trees in the Darien community. There is a Tabby Oak that is located near the waterfront and an Oglethorpe Oak that can be viewed by the McIntosh County Courthouse and perhaps near your Darien bed and breakfast.

Darien is certainly a travel destination that should be explored from top to bottom.