Discover Chattahoochee National Forest near Chatsworth

There is much to discover in the vast Chattahoochee National Forest such as plenty of forest trails and the highest mountain in Georgia. BBOnline is happy to explore the park with you.

Chattahoochee National Forest
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Hiker's Paradise

Most people think of the Chattahoochee National Forest as a haven for hikers. After all, you can find a slice of the Blue Ridge Mountains, celebrated for their beauty, and there are more than 430 miles of trails here that meander through mountains, hills and rivers.

The forest spreads across 18 counties in north Georgia, and spans nearly 750,000 acres. There are waterfalls galore, lakes, streams filled with trout, and whitewater rivers. Two of the most popular trails here are the famous Appalachian Trail, Pinhoti Trail and  Benton MacKaye trail.  

The 79-mile Appalachian Trail winding along the eastern ridge of the Appalachian Mountains traverses rugged, often rocky terrain through forests of oak, poplar and hickory. The trail climbs to more than 4400 feet. Wherever you may be on this trail, you'll never descend below 2500 feet. In Spring you'll see wildflowers like azaleas, bloodroot and trillium, while summer brings on the rhododendron and laurel.

So get those mountain boots out and experience the widely-loved delights of this trail in the Chattahoochee National Forest from your Chatsworth Bed and Breakfast.

Brasstown Bald

The highest peak in Georgia (Brasstown Bald at 4,784 feet) is criss-crossed with hiking and biking trails. The magic begins from the cloud forest at the foothills, the only one in the state. The north and east slopes are carpeted with wildflowers and yellow birch covered with lichen.

Cycling the Bald in the early morning hours is a memorable experience with the fog dispersing over the lake as the sun rises over the mountains. You'll find yourself surrounded by a red and orange glow. Cycling is the best way to see this mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest, as you can stop and marvel at the scenery whenever you like. The downhill adrenalin-pumping ride is worth the climb.

Plant Life

Along the Chattahoochee River which runs through the park, you'll find an incredible variety of flora and habitats. There are shade loving plants like algae, moss and ferns. There's the Common Cattail with roots muskrats love to eat. The plants create a refuge for wildlife such as marsh rabbits, wild turkeys, Eastern cottontails and waterfowl.

You'll see Pickerel Weed with its lovely blue flowers and Sweetgum with leaves that exude fragrance when crushed and seeds on which the squirrels, chipmunks and songbirds feed. You'll also come across American Holly, the tall Red Maple, American Wisteria  and many more plants and trees to delight you.

Anna Ruby Falls

The falls begin their journey as an underground spring on the summit of Tray Mountain which is part of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. A favorite haunt of hikers in the Chattahoochee National Forest, it is lush with mountain laurel, rhododendron, white pine and poplar.

The climb to the falls is via an easy paved trail which crosses the Smith Creek at several points. What you'll see is actually rare - a double waterfall cascade formed by Anna Ruby Falls and the Curtis and York Creek behind the falls. It's a sight worth seeing during a trip away from your Chatsworth Inn.