The Haunted City: St. Augustine's Scariest Ghost Tours

The number of St. Augustine things to do is almost endless. Ghost tours are one of the most popular activities to partake in during your visit. It's the oldest city in the country, and so much history is held in one place. It's no surprise that St. Augustine is supposedly haunted. In fact, it's considered one of the most haunted cities in America.

Paranormal Investigation Tour
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For the adventurous traveler, BBonline recommends the Paranormal Investigation Tour. It allows you to be much more than a spectator. This tour actually lets you be the one finding the ghosts. Participants get to search for signs of the paranormal alongside a tour guide who will take them to popular haunted spots across the city. The tour is designed to help educate participants on paranormal sightings, so the tour guide will "teach" investigators along the way. The tour visits the Castillo del Marcos, a courtyard, and two cemeteries. All of these sites are within the historic district of St. Augustine. Groups are given investigation equipment which include an EMF (electromagnetic filed meter) and other basic items. Cameras are not supplied, but they are most certainly welcomed. Paranormal Investigation Tour leaves at 9:00 pm nightly from the Heritage Walk Mall. The duration is over four hours, so be sure to be well rested for your night of walking. Reservations are required and tickets cost $66 per person. The tour will makes you question every noise at your St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast later that night.

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine
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St. Augustine, Florida 32084
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BBonline recommends Ghost Tours of St. Augustine for three terrifying ways to experience the haunted sites of the city. The first of the tours is a walking tour called A Ghostly Experience. The tour begins at dusk, as your tour guide leads you by candlelight and is dressed in period clothing. Groups will visit the north area of the plaza, two cemeteries and even a haunted bed and breakfast. Ghostly tales and folklore are told along the way, and stories of the hauntings are retold at each of the spots on the tour. The walking tour costs $12 per person and leaves nightly, rain or shine. Sunday through Thursday the tour starts at 8:00 pm, but begins at 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. You'll return to your St. Augustine Inn hoping that it isn't on a different ghost tour.

The second experience, the Ghost and Legends Tour, will allow groups to get an up-close look at haunted sites. Participants ride to different locations with their tour guide. A haunted lighthouse and strange murder sites are among several other haunted locations that are visited through the night. Driving to different locations gives groups a wider range of haunted places to see in St. Augustine, but it will cost a bit more money. Each person will pay $22 to experience the chilling stories of the city's past.

The bravest of groups will board the 72' Schooner "Freedom" to participate in haunted happenings. The captain and crew will cruise the haunted waters of St. Augustine while they tell tales of the ghosts that make the waters their home. Songs will be sung and jokes will be made, but this cruise will be far from "fun." Rations (beer, wine, soda and snacks) are given to passengers. On a clear night you can see hundreds of stars and maybe even a ghost. It will cost $35 per passenger to experience the Ghost of the Matanzan tour.