The Very Best New Smyrna Beach Fishing Spots

If you're looking for a fun activity in Florida, try New Smyrna Beach fishing charters. Florida has some of the best fishing spots in the United States, and these charters know exactly where to go. Your New Smyrna Beach Inn provides all the comforts of home, but get out for awhile and enjoy a relaxing day of fishing. You'll feel refreshed and invigorated that you decided to spend a lovely day on the water.

Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon
PO Box 735
Edgewater, FL 32141
(386) 212-4931

Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon takes you on a terrific day of fishing on Indian River. Redfish, tarpon, spotted trout, snook, flounder, snapper and triple tail are just a few of the fish you'll most likely catch. Capt. Lemmon takes you to the perfect spots where these fish thrive. Don't be surprised if you bring in a 50-pound redfish. Bulls grow to this size when fully grown. Tarpon can grow up to 200 pounds. If you catch one of these, they'll be quite a prize to take to your New Smyrna Beach Bed and Breakfast. Don't worry. Capt. Lemmon helps bag and ice all your catches.

What do you need to bring on your trip? Remember to wear clothing suitable for the weather, non-skid footwear and polarized sunglasses. Bring enough food and drinks for your fishing trip.

The captain brings everything you need: fishing rods, gear, bait, cooler, ice, tackle and a camera. He'll email you the photos when they're ready. No need to worry about a license. You're covered under the captain's.

You need a $100 deposit to reserve your charter and it's refundable if you cancel two weeks before your trip. Rates depend on the amount of time spent on the charter:

  •  Four hours for $300
  •  Six hours for $350 
  •  Eight hours for $400

Florida Inshore Fishing Charters
Captain Drew Cavanaugh
P.O. Box 881
Edgewater, FL 32132
(352) 223-7897

Florida Inshore Fishing Charters takes you on a fishing expedition in east central Florida. Both knowledgeable and experienced, the captain sails to the best fishing spots. You'll catch the popular redfish, trout, snook and all the other great fish. Whatever you wish to take on, he'll provide the challenge.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, non-skid shoes and proper head gear. Polarized sunglasses come in handy against the bright sun. Your licenses, bait, gear, ice, cooler and tackle come with the charter.

Pay a $75 reservation fee, which is refundable if canceled within eight days of the trip. Charter rates are:

  •  Four hours for $325
  •  Six hours for $350 
  •  Eight hours for $425

Pastime Princess Charter Fishing
107 N Riverside Dr
New Smyrna, FL 32168
(386) 427-5393

Pastime Princess Charter Fishing features affordable rates and fantastic charters near your New Smyrna Beach Inn. They take passengers on deep fishing trips to New Smyrna Beach, Daytona and Orlando. Travel on Princess, a 100-foot fishing boat with accommodations for 150 people.

What will you catch? With the captain and mate's assistance, catch different types of mackeral, barracuda, trigger fish, amber jack, grouper and shark.

Take along sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. Buy your meals aboard the ship. Bring your own fishing gear if you want, but everything you need comes with your charter. Call for rates and available days.