Explore Withlacoochee State Forest near Inverness

Nestled within the beauty of Florida's southern curl, near the Withlacoochee State Forest is Inverness. This quaint town has been pleasing guests since its establishment in 1889 (when it was noted that its geography resembled the lochs and river twists of Scotland). This water-filled land offers families the rare relaxation. It's a joy of natural beauty and natural delight. And waiting just beyond it is the Withlacoochee State Forest. Travelers wishing to expand upon the adventures found in Inverness will discover many there. It's certain to thrill. And BBOnline recommends exploring the miles and finding the pleasure.

Withlacoochee State Trail
315 North Apopka Avenue
Inverness, Florida 34450-4201
(352) 726-2251

From your Inverness Inn, seek out the longest paved path in all of Florida. The Withlacoochee State Trail offers a safe (and reliable) beginning to any day. Almost 50 miles can be traced; each filled with the scent of citrus and warm air. Hike, bike and ride horses along the flatlands. There are countless observational areas and picnic pavilions to enjoy as you move along, and each is available from dawn until dusk. Search through the forest with ease and feel secure as you do. This is a highly trafficked area and is well maintained. Those with young children will find much to appreciate. There is no fee to enter and no reservations need to be made.

Croom Motorcycle Area
15003 Broad Street
Brooksville, Florida 34601-4201

The Withlacoochee State Forest is more than a gathering of simple hiking trails. It is instead a celebration of the outdoors and the ones who wish to challenge them. With the Croom Motorcycle Area, guests are allowed the rare privilege of riding the terrain. Cycles and ATVs are encouraged, with specified paths given only to them. Acre after acre can be enjoyed, without concern for sharing the roads. It's ideal for those who want a bolder experience and the hills are sure to impress. Permits are needed, however, to use this area and fees will be required. Summer is the suggested time to drive.

The Withlacoochee River Trail
State Road 476
Brooksville, Florida 34601-4201

Travel from your Inverness Bed and Breakfast to this paddler's dream. The Withlacoochee River Trail winds you through the forest and then around Florida's natural curves. A collection of sandbars, hidden inlets and easy currents: this becomes ideal for those craving adventure. Families will thrill with the minor rapids and breathtaking scenery; and enthusiasts will be satisfied with the long miles and challenging turns. Canoe across Citrus County and discover wildlife and conservation. Picnic among opens spaces. Swim in clear waters. It's the perfect day. The Withlacoochee River Trail is available throughout the year and requires no reservations. Guests are encouraged to plan ahead, however, and try to find the proper weather. The summer season is often recommended.

Withlacoochee State Forest is not for the timid. It is instead for those who need more from their vacation than dull days at the beach. Explore the depths of water and the wild. They will not disappoint.