Gainesville Events and Annual Festivals to Check Out

Gainesville events are some of the best in North Central Florida. Visitors will have a blast enjoying the local culture and experiencing a few unique festivals.

Downtown Festival & Art Show
(352) 393-8356

Historic downtown Gainesville comes alive with the annual Downtown Festival and Art Show. The nationally renowned festival attracts visitors from across the country. Travelers come to see the work of over 250 artists who work in tons of different mediums. Glass work, paintings, sculptures, photography, and jewelry are just a few of the types of art that can be found at the Gainesville festival. Visitors even have the opportunity to ask questions about the pieces to the artists who are present. The festival is a wonderful place to get an original souvenir from your stay at your Gainesville Tarven Bed and Breakfast. In addition to the fine art, there is also a wide variety of food to sample and live entertainment. The entertainment includes music and dance performances. Visitors can just feel all the creativity buzzing in the air the moment they arrive. The Downtown Festival and Art Show usually takes place in the beginning of November and there is a small fee for parking.

Greater Gator Beer Festival
Magnola Parke
4700 NW 39th Ave
Gainesville, FL

What better place to have a beer festival than the college town of Gainesville? Events at the Greater Gator Beer Festival take place annually in March and last for an entire Saturday afternoon. Visitors must pay an admission fee of about $30, but that price gets visitors tons of free items. Once inside the festival, visitors will be met with over 100 unlimited samples of beer. These free samples are of beers from all around the world. Free unlimited sodas and bottles of water are also available. Sample portions of food from surrounding restaurants are free and unlimited as well. The Greater Gator Beer Festival additionally has live entertainment and takes place even if it is raining. Visitors must be of legal age to enter the festival.

Hoggetown Medieval Fair
Alachua County Fairgrounds
2900 NE 39th Ave
Gainesville, FL 32609

Hoggetown Medieval Fair is an unexpected treat, especially for visitors staying at a Gainesville Tarvern Inn. It's a whimsical addition to Gainesville events. All the romanticism and magic of the medieval period comes alive when the Hoggetown Medieval Fair takes places. Normally occurring in late January or early February, the festival lasts for 2 whole weekends. Visitors can watch jousting tournaments in which knights are dressed in full body armor, or listen to minstrels playing for a crowd. Other activities at the Hoggetown Medieval Fair include watching street performers juggle or dance, seeing a living chess match, and even testing your own bravery in a few strength challenges. Over 100 skilled craftsmen are also at the fair and they are more than willing to demonstrate their abilities. The biggest draw to the Hoggetown Medieval Fair is the food. Visitors can feast like royalty on turkey legs, bloomin' onions and goblets of the finest beverages. Children will have a blast with attractions like pony rides. Admission to the Hoggetown Medieval Fair is $14 per adult and $7 per child.