Finding Westbrook's Antique and Hobby Shops

If you enjoy shopping, you will definitely need to check out the numerous Westbrook shopping opportunities. Westbrook is home to quite a few antique stores, which are great opportunities to window shop the day away. BBonline recommends visiting these antique stores to enhance your shopping experience in Westbrook.

Dragon Town Antiques
13 Boston Post Road
Westbrook, Connecticut 06948
(860) 669-3330

On your Westbrook shopping trip, Dragon Town Antiques should be one of the first stops that you make. This antique store specializes in antique furniture, glassware and paintings. That doesn’t mean that's all they carry; once you go inside the store you will notice a wide variety of collectibles that the store has to offer. For example, if you're interested in collecting tins, you will find a variety of unique tin ware inside.

Joseph Goclowski Antiques
347 Essex Road
Westbrook, Connecticut 06948
(860) 399-6308

Joseph Goclowski Antiques is also known as The Source Antiques, and is located near the intersection of Essex Road and Farm Lane, making it an easy stop when coming out from your Westbrook Inn. In addition to selling quality antiques, this store also offers appraisal and estate services, namely jewelry appraisals. Their inventory is constantly changing, so it's a good idea to stop in every time that you're in town. They also buy antiques, if you have some items that you're interested in selling.

Old Farm House Antiques
341 Essex Road
Westbrook, Connecticut 06948
(860) 399-0281

If you make a stop at The Source Antiques, you should also drop by Old Farm House Antiques. They're located within walking distance of each other, and chances are you will pass both on the way to your scenic Westbrook Bed and Breakfast. Inside the store, you will find a large variety of antiques and other collectibles that will be sure to strike your interest.

Westbrook Antiques
1119 Boston Post Road
Westbrook, Connecticut 06948
(860) 399-9892

Westbrook Antiques offers you the chance to browse through and purchase some really fine, high-quality items. Inside the store you will find a large variety of antiques to look at. The displays are constantly changing as the inventory changes, so you want to ensure you come back each time that you are in town. You should call ahead before dropping in, just to make sure they're open to the public and don't require an appointment.

Trolley Square Antiques and Collectibles
1921 Boston Post Road
Westbrook, CT 06948
(860) 399-9249

This antique store offers you the chance to look at some high quality antiques from an area that is considered to have the second largest concentration of antique stores in Connecticut. Inside, you will find a wide array of antique furniture, glass, china and other accessories. If you take the time to browse slowly through the store, you might also notice some unusual items, things that you can't find anywhere else because they don't really belong anywhere.

Missing Westbrook shopping in the antique and hobby stores could end up being something that you regret.