Be Sure to Visit Shenipsit Lake During Your Trip to Tolland, CT

Tolland, CT derived its name from its historical past, because it used to be a toll station on an old road that existed between Boston and New York. Others say that the name was derived from Tolland, Somerset, England. It's located in Tolland County, Connecticut. One of the main attractions is Shenipsit Lake, which is more popularly known as "The Snip." The lake borders the towns of Tolland, Ellington and Rockville. It's owned by the Connecticut Water Company and hosts the Shenipsit Lake Reservoir, where the supply of public drinking water is derived. BBOnline recommends the following limited activities that are sanctioned by the water company.

Shenipsit Lake Connecticut Water Company
93 West Main Street
Clinton, CT 06513
(800) 286-5700

Fishing at Shenipsit Lake

You can go fishing in certain designated areas along the shoreline of Shenipsit Lake from sunrise to sunset. You can also use boats that use oars or electric motors and have a reserved place in the boat rack of the Boat Storage Area; boats need to be quarantined for 48 hours before they can enter the water. This is to ensure that the boats are not contaminated with zebra mussel contamination, which may be hazardous to the conditions of the water. Boats also have to be launched and landed only at the Boat Storage/Launching site. It is strictly prohibited to wade in the lake. A valid Connecticut fishing license is required. Before you leave your Tolland Inn, you can inquire at the Tolland, CT Town Clerk's Office on getting the fishing license.

Hiking near Shenipsit Lake

Hiking is allowed on the borders of Shenipsit Lake from sunrise to sunset the whole year through. There is a trail that goes along the old railroad on the eastern reservoir side and the town roads of Tolland and Ellington. This trail gives you a beautiful view of the lake during your walk. Since the trail includes some hilly portions, it is not recommended as handicap accessible. Signs are available along the trail and there is also a trail map that can guide you on where you are allowed to go, as many areas are closed to the public.

Nature Watching along Shenipsit Lake

Some beautiful animals have made Lake Shenipsit their home. You can tour around the borders of the lake and find deer, blue heron, owls, wild turkeys and more. Occasionally, a native bald eagle can be seen flying over the lake, perhaps watching over this important natural resource.

Mountain Biking in the Shenipsit State Forest
166 Chestnut Hill Road
Stafford Springs, Connecticut 06067
(860) 684-3430

Just within the vicinity of the lake is the Shenipsit State Forest. The forest has mountain biking trails with challenging terrain. It provides a fun ride for both the amateur and expert mountain biker. The loop trail is a total of 12 miles. After a grueling day at the Shenipsit State Forest, you will enjoy the rest at your Tolland Bed and Breakfast.