Visit the King House Museum in Suffield, CT

Suffield, CT, originally known as Southfield, is a town located in Hartford County. Located in the Connecticut River Valley, this town plays host to many beautiful houses that were built in early architectural styles. BBOnline recommends a visit to various attractions in the town, especially the Alexander King House Museum.

The King House Museum
232 South Main Street
Suffield, CT 06078
(860) 668-5256

Dr. Alexander King was a prominent physician. He was a Suffield Selectman for 30 years, a town clerk for 28 years and a State Representative for 17 years. Dr. King built his center-chimney style Georgian Colonial home in 1764 with 6 fireplaces and 11 rooms. In 1910, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Spencer bought the house and repaired, redecorated and refurnished it. In 1960, they gave it to the Suffield Historical Society to be used as a museum.

Just minutes away from your Suffield Inn, there are three main highlights. They are the original south porch that leads to the Doctor's office, the corner dining room cupboard built by Eliphalet King, a prominent Suffield cabinetmaker, and the panel painting over the dining room fireplace done by Carlos, the son of Dr. King. 18th and 19th century Connecticut Valley furnishings and a vast collection of Bennington pottery and early flasks and bottles are prominently displayed. You can also see the Suffield cigar tobacco exhibit, with tobacco artifacts that will remind you that the first cigar factory in America was established in Suffield in 1810. The museum is open from the months of May until September from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. It's open on Wednesday and Saturday and by appointment on other days. 

Babb's Beach Amusement Park
435, Babb's Road
Suffield, CT

Babb's Beach Amusement is another historical place you should visit while you're in Suffield. It was built back in the year 1898. One of the most popular attractions at Babb's Beach Amusement Park is the roller skating rink. You might want to try your skating skills here. The site has been renovated and is still in operation. The park covers an area of about 7 acres. You can also visit the shooting gallery and the arcade. Getting to the amusement park is not difficult if you are staying at a Suffield Bed and Breakfast

Hatheway House
550 South Main Street
Suffield, CT 06078
(203) 247-8996

The Hatheway House is a historic museum that is maintained by the Antiquarian and Landmarks Society. Originally built by Shem Burbank in the 1760s, it was bought by wealthy land speculator Oliver Phelps, who added a wing to the house in 1974. The house was later bought by Asahel Hatheway when Phelps died, and was used by the Hatheway family.